How to Keep Cockroaches Out of Your Car

An unclean car can easily become a haven for cockroaches (alongside spiders and rodents). On top of having small dark spaces, it’s a mess in general. These are two things these nuisances are attracted to the most.

If you always leave your car dirty, especially from the inside, watch out. Cockroaches might turn your vehicle into their humble abode sooner or later.

Don’t wait for this to happen to you. Check out our slideshow below and learn how to prevent cockroaches in cars:

  • 1. Avoid Eating in Your Car

    If there’s one thing humans and cockroaches have in common, it’s the love for food. That’s why merely leaving food crumbs and residue is enough to attract them to your car.

    However, if eating on-board can’t be avoided (especially for parents), then a thorough clean-up afterwards is essential. These pests also love humid environments, which is why you should wipe down any spills immediately.

  • 2. De-Clutter Your Car on a Regular Basis

    The best way to prevent cockroaches from living in your car is to clean and de-clutter regularly. When doing so, do not overlook the most common neglected areas such as carpets, the sides of the door and in between car seats. Properly vacuuming and disinfecting are also advised.

    If you have items in the trunk, store them in a hard plastic with a tight lid to keep cockroaches out. It is also important to go over your things before placing them in your car as cockroaches can be transported into your vehicle from shopping bags and other items.

  • 3. Avoid Parking Your Car Near Trash Bins and Drains

    Cockroaches thrive in drainage openings, garbage bins and sewage drains. That’s why it’s important to refrain from parking near these areas.

    See to it that you’ve tightly shut the doors, windows and air conditioning vents of your car before leaving. Aircon vents are one of the main entry points for these critters.

  • 4. Spotting Cockroaches in Broad Daylight = Sign of a Serious Infestation

    Remember that cockroaches mostly hunt for food in the night, which means cockroach sightings during the day could equate to a serious infestation problem.

    When this happens, do not hesitate to call the services of a reputable pest control company such as Bob Gunn Termite Solutions. A Queensland pest manager multi-award winner, we offer highly effective cockroach treatments at rates that won’t break the bank.

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