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Importance of Pest Control in Schools

Pest control in schools and other institutional buildings is essential to protect the children and teachers who use the educational facilities. Protecting school buildings from pests also helps maintain the aesthetic appeal of the facilities. Pests like termites can damage the property that could lead to major renovations.

As there are many activities in schools during the day, the facilities have to be kept clean and free from pests so as not to disrupt the daily routines and activities in the buildings. A sound pest control measure must be enforced to protect children who are most vulnerable to harm caused by pests.

Children at Greater Risk

Young children have been proven to be more susceptible to harm caused by pests or by the pest control measures that are usually undertaken to remove pests from buildings. Children and young adults generally have faster metabolism such that they tend to more rapidly metabolise chemicals used for pest control.

Children can be affected by pests in schools in two ways. One, the actual pests can affect children’s health negatively by causing some diseases and allergic reactions in some children. Children must be kept safe from pests that could invade school premises. These pests include cockroaches, ants, flies, fleas, mosquitoes, termites, rodents, head lice, silverfish and spiders.

Children may also be affected negatively if the pest control method that is adopted is not safe for children using the school facilities. There could be chemical residue from the pest control that was used.

Children may also be affected if the food served at schools has been exposed to residual pesticides and other pest control products.


Choosing a Pest Management Service

The best way to get rid of pests in schools is by hiring a duly licensed pest management service to assess the pest problem and make an integrated pest management solution.

Because pests tend to co-mingle, several pests should be expected in the school premises if there are signs of one type of pests infesting the property. An effective integrated pest management would include termite inspections as well as inspections of all other pests in the building.

In choosing a pest control service for the school, it is best to consider if the company is insured and has good credentials to back it up. A good service will conduct a thorough investigation of the buildings and ground to check the type of pests that are roaming or hiding in the property. The pest control measures that the service would suggest should use a systematic approach so that the everyday activities of the children will not be affected at all.