bird droppings

Importance of Bird Control

One type of pest management that is almost always disregarded is bird control.

People tend to think that birds are harmless since they do not sting or attack people. However, once the damage they cause becomes apparent, the danger gets alarming.

Some species of birds can be annoying, especially when their population gets huge. Some of the problematic bird species are pigeons, house sparrow and starlings.

While it can be attractive to have some bird visitors in the garden, a large population of them putting up nests on the house is not a good thing. This is where the importance of bird control comes in. Effective solutions must be created to remove and prevent birds infesting a home or office.


Problems with Birds

Birds are great to have in the garden. Some homes even add bird feeders to the garden to attract birds. An onslaught of birds, however, can inflict damage to the home. Some birds build nests in the roof area and even use some of the parts of the house to build their nests.

When groups of birds make your house or office their home, there are associated health issues that you should be concerned about. They can bring with them bugs that live on their feathers and which can breed in the birds’ nests. These may cause allergies and other health issues.

Bird faeces and droppings can harbour bacteria and will be a health risk if left alone. They might start to cause corrosion of roof materials if they are left to stand there for a long period of time.

A big group of birds making their abode in your building can cause clogs in the downspout. The nests they build could be a fire hazard since they are usually made from tree branches and stalks that are flammable.

There is also the unpleasant noise pollution that they can bring with them. This can disrupt work if the birds are residing in an office building.


Bird Control Measures

Bird control can be tricky and requires expertise to make sure that birds simply avoid the place without exterminating them. Pest control experts may, for instance, put up physical barriers to prevent birds from building nests on the roof.

If there are existing groups of birds already residing in the building, a thorough inspection is required to evaluate the extent of the infestation and the damage it has caused. Bird control measures will be created based on the findings.