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Importance of a Pre-Purchase Pest Inspection

Buying or selling property is serious business. On the part of the buyers, valuable money is involved, so they do tend to be careful in the property they are purchasing. The sellers, on the other hand, will want to make sure that they get the best deal possible. The quality of the property will be central to how the transaction will proceed.

One of the requirements for a buyer to get a loan approved is the property condition report, which ensures that the property is in good condition and devoid of pests or pest damage. Bob Gunn Termite Solutions provides building inspections, including pre-purchase pest inspections. There are many benefits to having a pre-purchase pest inspection conducted in a property that you are targeting to buy.


Loan Requirement

Loan providers are very aware of the risks they are taking when giving out loans to property buyers. They always do their best to protect themselves from any form of risks. If you are buying a property and taking out a loan from a financial institution, be prepared to guarantee that the property is in good condition.

The lender will definitely want to be sure that the property they will be taking as collateral has been constructed properly and that there are no pests and pest damage on the premises. There could be hidden damages to the property caused by pests such as termites.

A pre-purchase inspection will identify any hidden damage if there is any. It can also attest to the lender that the property is free from pests or pest damage. Approval of the loan will partially depend on the condition of the property.



The service fee for commissioning a pre-purchase pest inspection is minimal compared to the satisfaction that the buyer can feel in knowing that they are buying a valuable property. A pre-purchase inspecor will make a detailed report on the condition of the property, particularly detailing any presence of pests or pest damage, as well as the extent of the damage.

Bob Gunn Termite Solutions’ pre-purchase pest inspection is even more important if the property being purchased is an old or existing building that has been used by other people for years. There is a higher probability that pests or pest damage are hidden beyond what is seen during tours of the home.

To know through the pre-purchase pest inspection that the property is in good condition will definitely give the buyer some peace of mind. Because of that, they can stop worrying or wondering if they have left something unchecked.