Termites in action

Implementing Effective Termite Prevention and Control

Termites may well be the most destructive pests that could invade your home. Since they feed on the cellulose, they can damage any part of the house that is made of wood, from the wood to the walls and floors and even the stumps. The damage they can cause could mean thousands of dollars in repair costs.

Because of the potential damage that they can cause on any property, it is essential that homeowners do their part in protecting their house from termite damage. One good method of termite prevention is by hiring the help of a reliable pest control service.


Recognising Termite Infestation

Termites can go undetected until they have caused obvious damage to the outer portion of the wooden structure or part of the house. Seeing the obvious signs of termites, such as a lump of debris made of soil mud or chewed wood, should alert the homeowner that the termites have to be controlled.

Simply treating the home with insecticides will not be enough to rid the place of termites. A thorough process of pest removal should be done, preferably by a professional service.

You should not, however, wait to see the obvious signs of termite infestation. If there are parts of the house made of wood, you should act to protect your house from the onslaught of termites. Monitoring and interception systems can be set up to guard the house against termites.


Monitoring and Interception

For a more effective termite prevention, it is best to implement a termite management solution. The termite management system should be designed and constructed by a termite specialist only to ensure that they are truly effective in their purpose.

It is best to implement a termite control system at the start of the house construction. In the case of existing homes that are suffering from termite infestation, help from a termite specialist – just like Bob Gunn Termite Solutions – is called for.