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Identifying Pests in Your Home

Effective pest management is not a simple undertaking that solely depends on using pesticides. It involves a set of steps, the most vital of which is identification. Before any measures are taken, you must first be able to know exactly what kind of pests you are dealing with.

Treatments are never the same for all types of pests. For instance, you cannot use the same treatment used for cockroaches that you would use for termites. Controlling pests like redback spiders and rodents also requires different techniques.

You need to know what type of pests are roaming or hiding in your house. Additionally, you need to know the level of infestation that has been going on. In these cases, Bob Gunn Termite Solutions can help to identify and inform you of the actual problem you are facing.


Interdependence of Pests

The existence of these unwanted guests in your house works on what is called symbiosis. Just because you see evidence of cockroaches living in the premises does not mean that these are the only type of pests in your house. More often than not, other types of creepy crawlies are also residing in the house. They may just be hidden from view.

Pests tend to co-exist and co-mingle. Besides, they do look for something in a home: a sufficient supply of food and water.


Essential Pest Inspection

Before any pests are identified, thorough inspection of the property must first be conducted. This task is always best to leave to a professional.

Bob Gunn Termite Solutions provides reliable termite inspections that can help you in the first steps of ridding your home of irritating, dangerous and damaging pests.

The company’s licensed professionals would be looking at areas that could potentially be used as hiding places. Moisture conditions, dampness, temperature and darkness are checked to see if they are just right for pests to propagate. Openings, cracks and other means of entry are also inspected.


Proper Identification

To come up with the best solution, the pest must be properly identified first. Bob Gunn’s licensed professionals are very knowledgeable about the life cycles, feeding habits and biology of different pests common in the area. You will need such expertise to help you with your problem.

Inspection and pest identification will help the professionals make suggestions as to how to remove the pests from your home.