rodent-proof home

10 Ways on How to Rodent-Proof Your Home

Wild rodents such as rats and mice are known to cause numerous health and sanitary problem when they infest your home. They tend to contaminate food, damage property and spread diseases. Without professional assistance, it can be very difficult to get rid of rats and mice once they have infiltrated and established. The most effective way to control a rodent problem though is prevention. Here are ten ways that you can follow on how to rodent-proof your home:

1. Block All Entry Points

This is the most important rodent-proof measure that you definitely need to follow: check the walls and the foundation to see if there are any potential entry points. Rodents can infiltrate your home by squeezing in through the smallest cracks, including joints around doorsills and windows, therefore you need to block them.

2. Don’t Feed the Birds

It’s fun to feed the birds. However, the seeds and ground grains are a treat not only to our bird friends but to our rodent fiends as well. If you can’t help it though, you can still keep your bird-feeders as far away from your house as possible.

3. Don’t Store Pet Food in Bags or Cartons

Rodents consider dry pet food as food from the gods. After buying pet food, transfer them to sealed, airtight storage containers and place them well above the floor to rodent-proof them.

4. Keep Garbage Bins Sealed

Garbage bins are treasure chests for rodents (or raccoons, or stray dogs and cats). You can either keep them tightly sealed with airproof lids, or keep these garbage bins as far away from your house as possible.

5. Keep Plants in Control

There can be outdoor hiding spots for rats and mice that can lead them to entry holes found on walls or the foundation. These are dense shrubs and plants are placed close to the house. For rodent-proof purposes, it’s best to have shrubs planted a few feet away from the house and keep the soil level low so that rodents can’t squeeze their way up behind the siding.

6. Keep Dry Food Goods Sealed

Food kept in bags or paper cartons can still attract rodents through the food’s scent. Furthermore, these bags or paper cartons can be easily breached by the rodent’s teeth. It’s best to keep these foods in tightly sealed plastic or metal containers and place them on high shelves or fridge to rodent-proof your food.

7. Keep Countertops and Floors Clean

You can invite rats and mice into your home with spilt crumbs or food scraps from countertops and floors. This also goes for uneaten bowls of pet food. A casual, but thorough, housekeeping can solve this.

8. Keep Doors and Windows Closed

Doors and windows left wide open can serve as an invitation to rodents, especially during cold seasons when they are seeking to find warm shelter. To rodent-proof your home, get into the habit of closing your doors and windows especially during the night time when rats and mice are most active. You can also at least place screen on windows for protection.

9. Get an Aggressive Pet

This can be a bit controversial since the presence of pet food can actually increase the likelihood of rodent infestation. However, a truly aggressive dog or cat with a reputation for hunting small animals can help catch these rodents for you.

10. Set Up Rodent Traps

Just a “just in case” rodent-proof measure, set up a few rodent traps around the house where you can see them. It’s easier to catch a few rats or mice at the start rather than dealing with a whole infestation later. This will also let you know if there are rats or mice that have already found their way in your home. If you’re really not into the idea of killing rodents, you can still use live traps to catch them. It’s best not to set them free outdoors so that they won’t come after your poor neighbours. Lastly, don’t place rodent poison baits around or outside the house because this can be mistakenly consumed by your pets.

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