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10 Practical Holiday Pest Prevention Tips

Heading away for the holidays?

Don’t come home to a house crawling with bugs or scurrying with rodents! Protect your home from unwanted guests by following these simple pest prevention tips this holiday season:

1. Seal all food containers properly and don’t leave any food uncovered.
2. Wash, dry and put away all dishes.
3. Leave sink clean and dry.
4. Throw away or use food that may perish before your return.
5. Take out all rubbish and do not overfill your wheelie bin unless you have a neighbour who can put it on the curb on bin day.
6. Check all taps are turned off properly (No leaks).
7. Don’t overfeed pets. Find someone to feed them on a daily basis so no excess food is left to attract ants, cockroaches, flies or mice.
8. Check outside your home and remove any water pooling. Keep external walls clear (Don’t leave trees or wood piles leaning against the house).
9. Treat your pets for fleas and ticks.
10. Clean your bed sheets before going away to ward off bed bugs.

Whilst following these tips can help eliminate the risk of bugs and pests whilst you’re away, Bob Gunn Termite Solutions can offer even more protection for your property by treating your home for the pests that may be bothering you the most—or all of them.

Enquire about our services now! With our pest control treatment in your home, bugs trying to move in with you and your loved ones will not last very long.

Call our office for your free quote. Our friendly team is more than happy to discuss your needs and concerns with you.

What Bob Gunn Termite Solutions Does to Help You:

• Removes worries of pests whilst away
• Reminders of next pest control date
• Free quote on the services you require

Our Process:

• Give you a no-obligation quote on services you have enquired about for your home
• Our qualified technicians will give a recommendation that meets environmental requirements and will effectively solve the pest situation
• Your home will be treated by one of our technicians
• Our office will design a full pest management program so you know when the property needs inspections and treatments