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Hazardous Effects of Rodents

Rodents are small mammals distinguished by their growing incisors used for chewing and gnawing. They can infest a house or commercial building if people are not conscious about keeping things clean.

They include animals such as mice, rats, squirrels, guinea pigs and hamsters. The rodents that inflict harm on homes and other properties are the rats and mice. In the Greater Brisbane area, the house mouse, sewer rat and ship rat are the problem rodents that should be removed from any property.

Rats and mice can cause a lot of health hazards to humans if they manage to get inside the property. Removal of rats and mice from the house can be quite a challenge especially if it has already reached infestation level.

Bob Gunn Termite Solutions can provide you with the right treatment and management needed to completely eradicate rodents.


Physical Characteristics

The house mouse, sewer rat and ship rat were not native to Australia but were brought to the country through ships. Rodents are long-tailed animals covered with hair with brownish to greyish and black colour. They can multiply quite fast as the female goes into heat again a day after giving birth.

These sly creatures tend to live where people live. The house mouse can thrive anywhere; the ship rat can be found around the house, usually hidden in sight; and the sewer rat lives around ports and in sewers.

They are attracted to food scraps found near and around people’s homes, restaurants and other food establishments. They are very good climbers so they can hide in the ceilings of a house.


Negative Impact on Health and Properties

Rats and mice can contaminate the food or the items people use for cooking and food preparation. They can carry disease-causing viruses and bacteria through their droppings, urine, hair and fleas.

Historically, rats have been known to have caused many deaths. Some of the possible diseases they can bring are typhus, salmonella, spotted fever, rat-bite fever and Hantaan virus disease.

Aside from the diseases they can cause, rodents may chew on clothes and furniture. Their presence leads to very unsanitary living, with the area typically smelling bad of rodent excretions.


When to Call a Professional

Rodent pest problems are always serious even if there are only one or two rodents seen in the premises. You can never be sure if there are rats and mice hiding still somewhere else.

Similar to other pest problems, cleaning the premises is the first step for the property to be rodent-free. It also helps to store food properly so that it is inaccessible to pests.

If there is an infestation going on, the best action is to call a professional pest control service. Bob Gunn Termite Solutions provides thorough inspection and assessment of the pest problem. The company’s trained specialists can advise you on the best solution for your particular pest problem.