Houseplants on a window sill

How to Get Rid of Bugs in Houseplants

Plants can do wonders for a home’s interior. Not only can they add colour, but they can also give that extra hominess to your décor. Many homeowners add houseplants to their living space for these particular reasons.

What most don’t know, however, is that they’re bringing unwelcome guests inside their home as well. The following are the most common bug problems of houseplants:
• Aphids
• Mealybugs
• Spider Mites

Ensure your houseplants are free from these insects and other creepy crawlies with these tips from Bob Gunn Termite Solutions:

1. Shower Your Houseplants Occasionally for Prevention.

For small plants, you can use the sprayer head at the kitchen sink and the showerhead for bigger plants. It’s important that you don’t have the water turned on full blast since this could ruin your plants. Lukewarm water is also advised.

2. Wipe off Any Insect That’s Present With a Cotton Swab.

When only a few bugs are present, a cotton swab soaked in alcohol can be used to wipe off any aphids, scale insects and mealybugs.

3. In Problematic Situations, Submerge the Plants in a Tub of Water.

Doing this for about 30 minutes can make any insects float, allowing you to skim them off easily. Remember to enclose the pot in a plastic bag to secure the potting medium in place during the process.

Whilst there are systemic insecticides formulated for homeowners to manage most houseplant pest problems, it’s still best to seek the help of a fully licensed and qualified pest control technician.

When you feel like your pest problem has gone out of hand or you want to prevent pest issues early on, contact Bob Gunn Termite Solutions in Brisbane today. We have the treatment that works best for your plant and one that’s right for your environment.