What Are Fire Ants?

Aside from termites, fire ants (also known as Solenopsis invicta) are also considered to be one of the most common and serious pest problems in the country. They’re reddish in colour and 1.6 to 5mm in size. These ants like to live in warm, sunny places that are large and open. It’s where they build mounds which can grow up to 61cm in width and 18cm in height. Their colonies can contain up to 250,000 workers, with at least one queen. It’s important to be cautious of their mounds since they can aggressively sting anyone who’s intruding.

Fire ants are omnivorous. They can eat anything from animal or vegetable food sources, but they’re fonder of greasy, meaty and sweet food. Their diet includes earthworms, insects, spiders, ticks, arthropod eggs, honeydew and other sweets. They also eat seeds, newborn vertebrate animals (like birds, calves and rodents), and carrion (dead animals).

Fire Ant Sting

Fire ant stings are considered to be excruciating, sometimes even fatal. When they attack, they come in large numbers with the likelihood of inflicting multiple stings. They use their mandibles to take hold of their victims and then inject alkaloid venom through their stinger. It’s highly irritating with the sensation being described as “stinging” and “intense burning”, and it can cause red bumps and white pustules (which can leave a scar). If a victim experiences severe reactions like excessive itching, sweating or nausea, it’s highly advisable to reach out to medical services immediately.

To avoid fire ant stings, be cautious and observant on where you sit, step and place food and drinks. Also, keep your eyes on the ground when their mound is around.

Signs of Fire Ants Infestation

If you’ll see the swarmer or worker fire ant, it’s definitely a common sign that means there’s an infestation in your home. Other signs include earthen mounds (which are more visible after rainfall) and being stung by them.

How Do I Get Rid of Fire Ants?

It’s challenging to contain and control fire ants. Their colonies are large and their mounds extend underground at a great distance. They’re also capable of recovering by replacing their queen and the entire colony if they’re killed.

Since fire ants are dangerous to humans and pets, it’s a good idea to call a pest control professional to help you take care of them. If you feel that they’re invading your home, call Bob Gunn Termite Solutions, 07 3286 987, to set up an inspection in your home. We can use customized treatment in your home to solve those your fire ant problem.