Effective Bird Control: Swallow and baby birds in a nest

Effective Bird Control

Birds are great to look at, especially during spring, whether they are in gardens splashing in fountains or nesting in trees. However, they can become a major nuisance, especially when they make your home theirs.

One of the reasons why bird control exists is because these animals can wreak havoc to any property. Their droppings can corrode different building materials, discolour paint, clog gutters and even damage electrical equipment.

Birds can also pose various health risks to property occupants. Lung disease, toxoplasmosis and bird flu are just a few of the diseases caused by the microorganisms found in bird droppings and carried by bird mites. Sensitive individuals can also experience respiratory problems due to their feathers.

The first step in effective bird control is by identifying the species that are on the site. The most common pest birds in Australia include the following:

• Crows
• Pigeons
• Sparrows
• Galahs
• Magpies
• Common Mynas

Observing their behaviour is also an essential step in effective bird control since the difficulty of their removal depends on their level of attachment. These levels are the following:

Socializing – Birds just come together to rest and communicate
Feeding – Birds have discovered a food and water source on the property and use it for meals
Roosting – Birds have already found shelter and spend the night
Nesting – Birds are reproducing and have turned the property into their permanent home

Coming up with a bird control strategy that gives emphasis to non-chemical solutions to ensure no bird is harmed is of utmost importance. Sure it can be difficult, but it is not impossible at all.

As a property manager or a homeowner, you can take a proactive approach early on. Before there is a real problem, evaluate areas that can be potential hotspots and weak points.

If pest birds have become a problem, contacting a local yet reputable pest manager is always a good idea. At Bob Gunn Termite Solutions, we can help you explore potential bird control solutions and provide you with one that works best for your current situation.

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