Edible bugs: A smoothie bowl with cricket powder

Edible bugs are being advertised as the next ‘superfood’ for their impressive nutritional content.

According to Australian entomologist Skye Blackburn, she believes people could all be eating protein-rich ants, crickets, mealworms and scorpions heartily in the future.

In an interview with Daily Mail Australia, Blackburn equated edible insects to sushi.

“Twenty years ago in Australia, raw fish was considered strange. Now, you’re seeing sushi everywhere you turn,” she said.

“This just shows how Australia has grown their food knowledge and how our palates have changed over time — and the same will happen with edible insects,” she added.

A Healthier Alternative

Also the founder of Edible Bug Shop, Blackburn said their cricket protein powder has been a hit among Australians.

“If you add 20 grams scoop of the cricket powder to your food, you’re getting 68% protein, 40% calcium and 30% iron,” Blackburn said.

She shared that cricket powder was a nutritious ingredient to add to curries, smoothies, protein shakes and stir-fries.

Blackburn added that the product has turned into an alternative source of protein to meat — and bakers can even substitute a third of their flour with the powder.

“Eating a whole bug can be hard for people so they can now get them in a cricket powder for — it looks like any other protein powder you’d get,” she explained.

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