Apartment pest control tips: Dad and daughter in a flat

Easy Apartment Pest Control Tips

Staying in an apartment is an attractive living choice for many Australians. It allows them to live, work and play sans travelling too far.

Because of the multifamily nature of apartment buildings, however, you tend to share almost everything with your neighbours — noise, food smells and maybe even a cup of sugar. One thing you shouldn’t be sharing though, are pests.

The close proximity of apartment units often makes pinpointing the cause of a pest infestation challenging. This is one reason why apartment complexes are one of the most difficult structures for pest control.
This closeness even intensifies the infestation in some cases.

Units share walls, floors and even connected utilities. These give pests an easy route to travel from one unit to another. Apart from these, pests can gain additional access to a living space through the following:

• Open Windows or Sliding Glass Doors
• Ventilation Slats for AirCon Units
• Under Doors Without Door Sweeps
• Around Windows Lacking Proper Weather Stripping
• Potted Plants

Some of the pests that can overrun apartments are bed bugs, cockroaches, flies, wasps, rodents and birds. Whilst some of them are inevitable, you can take steps to mitigate infestations in the future.

Three Main Tips to Avoid Pests in an Apartment Complex:

1. Double Check Second-Hand Furniture

Carefully go over any second-hand items before bringing them into the building. These pre-loved belongings can easily harbour bed bugs, powder post beetles and other pests that can be hard to find.

2. Inspect Packages Thoroughly

Packages often travel a long journey before arriving at their final destinations, picking up pests along the way. For this reason, check boxes before bringing them in to limit future infestations.

3. Be Careful When Getting Back From a Trip

Travellers are vulnerable to bed bugs and can bring them back from their travels unconsciously. Upon returning home, see to it that you inspect and vacuum suitcases before storing them until your next trip.

General Pest-Proofing

The best way to prevent pests from overrunning your apartment? Get everyone to help. See results when tenants strictly follow these simple to-dos:

• Wipe benchtops and sweep floors clean as often as you can
• Vacuum at least once a week
• Keep pet bowls clean and wipe off any spilt food or water around them right away
• Store pantry food items and dry pet food in sealed plastic containers
• Check under sinks for areas of moisture on a regular basis and repair leaky pipes if there are any

When you see a pest in your unit or in your apartment’s common area, call Bob Gunn Termite Solutions immediately. We’ll sort your pest problem right away.

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