Don’t Risk DIY Pest Control

If you find pests in your home, your first reaction may be to grab something from your local grocery store and take care of the job yourself.

In the first instance this option may seem quicker, cheaper and easier, but in the long run, you could be just letting the problem get worse and cost yourself more money.

That’s why at Bob Gunn Termite Solutions we highly recommend you call us to eradicate your pests for you. We have been carrying out pest and professional building inspections for many years now and have the knowledge and equipment to sort your problem out fast.

Whether it’s for a routine inspection on your home or an infestation, we guarantee to get the job done right. While we have your attention, here are a few common mistakes that homeowners make when they try to take care of a pest themselves.


No one likes to find the presence of mice in their home. A common treatment for this is mouse traps, and while this will certainly help cull a few, if you have a nest your best bet is the services of Bob Gunn Termite Solutions.

In the meantime, however, it’s not a bad idea to lay a trap. The common mistake here is to put this in the middle of the room. Mice have poor eyesight and are too timid to venture out into the open. Traps placed under fridges and ovens will do the job best.


Very commonly found in Queensland homes, ants can be very bothersome. Reaching for the can of spray to spray the ants you see will not eradicate the problem. It will simply scatter the ants to find a new trail to their destination (food and water) and you will have less chance of finding their entry and exit points.

Your best bet is to follow the trail and then give us a call to carry out eradication.


Bees can pose a threat to the lives of some people if they go into anaphylactic shock. For this reason, bees should be removed when found. Sprays will not work on one bee as there is always a colony and spraying the colony itself could prove dangerous for you.

If you find you have bees or a hive, call us at Bob Gunn straight away to organise safe removal of these; never try to deal with them yourself.

Give us a call to arrange an inspection today and see what pests we can treat for you.