termites in mulch

Don’t Let Your Guard Down

If you have ever experienced the termite destruction, you know it can wreak first hand it is probably likely that you would be completely paranoid about keeping an eye out for signs of them.

If you have not been there it is hard to comprehend. It’s that horrible sinking feeling when you discover you have a large repair bill due to a white ant infestation. The insurance company does not cover this type of destruction.

When it comes to protecting your home against these insect terrorists the only solution is to stay vigilant and don’t let your guard down. There are many ways you can protect your home against this vicious onslaught.

A home that is in the process of being built, can and will be treated during the early stages of construction. A home that is already established may demand a different strategy.

One of the best ways to protect both new and existing homes is to install an ALTIS Reticulated System.

Reticulated Systems Offer All Round Protection

A reticulated system is a series of pipes that are placed under a slab or around the perimeter of your home. There are no messy and noisy holes to drill; you will not even notice it is there once installed.

These pipes are injected with poison that is then released at several control points.

This style of treatment has proved to be one of the most successful systems to deter any would be invaders to your architraves, doors, timber floors and even the paper linings of your plaster walls.

Re-Inspections a Must to Maintain Full Protection

We are swinging full circle and coming back to the main point of our conversation with you today. It is absolutely imperative that you do not let your guard down. Bob Gunn Termite Solutions take termites very seriously.

Conducting your own inspections prior, during and after installation is also highly recommended. You are the Johnny on the Spot so to speak, and once you know what you are looking for, you will be able to identify a termite trail straight away. Provided they have made a trail that is visible.

Termites, unfortunately, do have a way of concealing themselves in the most inconvenient spots away from prying eyes. If you have one of our systems installed we would have advised that your system and property will need to be monitored and maintained on a regular basis.

Regular chemical re-injections are necessary to maintain your 100% coverage.

We look forward to serving you.