Do Your Children Have a Fear of Bugs?

Children having a fear of bugs can be one of the most stubborn fears. Most humans have an aversion to insects of some sort at some point in their lives. Flying insects are one of the most common childhood fears and often a trigger for kids as they come into the children’s personal space without warning.

A fear of bugs can continue into adulthood if not addressed, so we do have some words of wisdom for you. Did you know that 650,000 car accidents per year are due to the reaction to bees, spiders or bugs? Let’s see if we can get a handle on this. How would you react if there was a bug on your windscreen while you were driving?

What to Do When a Child Panics Over an Insect:

1. Don’t remove them straight away. Instead, sit or kneel down next to them and comfort them by telling them what kind of insect it is and what it does/eats.

2. In situations when it may cause harm to the child, remove them as quickly and calmly as possible. After they’re removed from danger, explain to them the type of insect and why it may cause harm to the child and that staying calm and moving away is the best reaction.

3. Ask them to see it from the tiny bug’s perspective–they’re more scared of us.

4. Try not to react yourself. Kids feed off other people’s anxieties too.

A screaming little girl

What Can You Do to Prevent This Fear?

Prevention is better than cure. Get your house sprayed for bugs each year and you will reduce the problem by heavily reducing the number of bugs they come into contact with. Once seeing bugs is not an all-day, everyday occurrence, it’s easier to get a handle on it one bug at a time.

Call us for your pest control treatment today. We’ll make sure you get a reminder in 12 months’ time for your respray.