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Decreasing the Risk of Flea Infestation for Your Pet and You

Your cat or dog does become part of your family. They spend a lot of time with you, being present at every family gathering, stay inside your house and, for the luckier ones, get to sleep with mum, dad or one of their siblings.

This is all good. However, the ones who get to sleep outside are at a greater risk of picking up fleas from the yard and surrounding areas. Even your indoor pets are at risk when they are released into the yard for play or toilet time during the day.

Fleas are parasitic pests. They live on the blood of their host without actually contributing to its well-being. In fact, they are likely to make their host quite sick through either anaemia caused by loss of blood or transmitting disease.

Usually, a flea would prefer to be on an animal host but will take up residence anywhere they can to survive, which includes us humans.

The Flea Cycle

The cycle from egg to larvae to cocoon and on to adult takes a mere eight days. An adult may last from two weeks to six months depending on the environment. The female can lay 40-50 eggs per day. You can see how their numbers multiply so quickly.

These little critters can be hard to spot, even when you sift through your pet’s hair!

Treat your Pet and the Source

Should you discover that your pet has fleas, it is not enough to treat him or her. You must go to the source and remove that as well.

Some quick and simple ways to keep fleas and other pests at bay is to:

Mow the lawn regularly. Pests like to hide in long grass and keeping it low attracts their natural predators such as spiders and ants.

Plant out bird attracting trees. This will help with the spider and ant population!

Clean up anything lying around that may become a haven.

Avoid over-watering. Fleas love moist areas.

Add cedar mulch to your garden beds; it’s a great repellent.

Create a barrier between your yard and house. In extreme cases, usually found in homes near bushland, you may need to create another barrier between the bush and your yard.

A fully accredited flea infestation solution company like ours can assist with this delicate step. We are authorised to use chemical sprays to reduce fleas outdoors. Fret not as we keep the environment in mind at all times when spraying any form of chemicals.

Safeguard your furry family member and loved ones with our help. Give us a call today. We serve clients in Brisbane, Gold Coast, Ipswich, Logan, the Redlands and Sunshine Coast.