Clothes on a rack

Damaged Furniture and Clothing: Signs of Something Creepy

Nothing is more annoying than putting on your favourite piece of clothing only to find that there is a tiny hole in it. This plus finding damaged furniture and fabrics around the house will always be very annoying.

Items such as furniture and rugs that become damaged or clothing with holes not only means your belongings don’t look well kept, it also means replacement and repair costs.

When you discover such things, it is time to consider that you have some uninvited creepy crawlies lurking about and making it their business to eat away at your hard-earned belongings. Damaged furniture and clothing could be a sign of something creepy crawly in your home.

The first step you might like to take is to see if you can identify what might be causing the problem. If you are unable to do this, fret not as our expert team of pest professionals at Bob Gunn Termite Solutions will be able to ascertain the problem in no time.

In the meantime, keep reading for some information on the pests that may be ruining your clothes and household goods.

Clothes Moths

You will find clothes moths seeking shelter where they can eat and hide in dark places. Your drawers, wardrobes and bathroom cupboards are the perfect home for clothes moths where their larvae can feed on clothing and linen.

Carpet Beetles

The appetite of carpet beetle larvae goes a little beyond your clothing. Without proper vacuuming and pest inspection, carpet beetles can go undetected for years, causing a rather big problem for your home. Carpets, wall hangings, rugs, and clothing are just a few of the tasty treats carpet beetle larvae love to eat.

They can easily hide in dark corners and under furniture, quietly causing you havoc that will require our expert touch to undo.


Silverfish love a dark and humid home. Bathrooms, garages, cupboards and drawers are their preferred indoor home because there, they can easily feed on just about anything.

The diet of the silverfish is nondiscriminating. They will happily eat glue, paint, photos, carpet, books, clothing, hair, plaster and even coffee, although this is not necessarily why they move so quickly.

Simply put, either of these pests could be hiding out in your home and it will take a professional like the Bob Gunn team to help identify and rid your home of them effectively.

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