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Cost-Benefits of Termite Control Services

Many Australian homes are susceptible to damage caused by termites. In a 2006 report by the Royal Australian Institute of Architects, it was estimated that termite attacks cost around $910 million yearly. That cost has continued to rise since then.

For a single home to repair the damage caused by severe termite infestation, it costs an average of $7,000. The cost to repair the damage includes the services of a termite specialist in addition to the repair of the parts of the house affected by the infestation.


Repair Costs

A termite attack can lead to serious damage to the house. The seriousness of the damage depends on how far the termites have reached.

It is possible that entire posts, doors or window frames have to be replaced with new ones. The floor boards could be creaking and the wooden stumps may also have to be replaced.

Any wooden portion of the house is vulnerable to termite attack. The cabinets and cupboards would have to be replaced if they have been damaged by termites.

Repairs, of course, will include spending pest control specialists to remove the termites from the premises. Overall, repair costs can reach so high that the homeowner might as well have constructed a new home instead.


Prevention Cost

Bob Gunn Termite Solutions understands the need of homeowners to protect their property from the onslaught of termites. Preventing termite attack is the best way to ensure that your property will not be a victim of termite attack.

As part of the preventive solution, Bob Gunn Termite Solutions provides cost-benefits of termite control and inspection services and formulates necessary solutions, which would include installing an effective termite barrier.

Hiring a professional termite specialist would cost a few hundred dollars. There is the cost of installation of a barrier against termites, which will last for several years. Every year, an inspection of the termite barrier is done to see if any termites have made their way through the barrier.

Despite the costs involved in protecting against termites, the benefits weigh much more than the costs that would be incurred if the property is damaged by termites.