Common summer pests in Australia: Family enjoying a bbq

Bugs love to breed in wet and warm weather, which is why pest infestations are expected during summers in Australia. What’s worse is that the longer it’s hot, the graver the infestations become.

At Bob Gunn Termite Solutions, we know the warning signs of these pests and are busy in the summer ridding commercial and residential properties of termites, cockroaches, midges, mosquitoes, wasps, fleas and spiders.

Read on and learn more about the common summer pests in Australia.

Redback Spiders

The native redback spider is one of the few spider species that pose a serious threat to humans. They are commonly found beneath rubbish and lurking behind things stored in the backyard.

You can easily tell if a spider is a redback or not. Female adult redbacks have a black spherical body with a red stripe on the upper side of their abdomen. They’re also marked with a red streak-shaped like an hourglass on the underside of their body.


The hot weather is a delight to European wasps—wasps that can give a very painful sting. A mature wasp nest can shelter thousands by the middle of summer, which is why they’re not to be taken lightly.


Cockroaches are high-risk pests that have the potential to bring with them an array of diseases, including heightening the risk of childhood asthma.

They love dark places that are warm and moist. The warmer and damper it is, the easier it is for them to multiply.


Not only are ticks a health hazard to people, they also danger the health of our furry friends especially during the summer season.

These creatures thrive in warm, wet conditions, causing various health problems to humans. These include rashes, anaphylaxis and allergies. According to the Lyme Disease Association of Australia, they are also implicated in Lyme Disease.

Many dog owners have discovered that a paralysis tick bite can be fatal. When checking your pet for ticks, don’t forget to go over the back of their ears and in between their toes as these critters can be hard to find.


Fleas proliferate in hot and humid climates—something Australia has. For this reason, keeping your pet’s flea control treatment updated is essential especially during the summer.

Remember: whilst flea bites can be a pain to your cat or dog, they can be just as painful to us humans.


Mozzies are a staple of summers in Australia. They thrive around saltmarshes, their key breeding ground.

Their bite is dangerous, with some mozzie species carrying diseases that can be fatal, such as Ross River Virus and Dengue.

Pest Control: A Summer Necessity

With all these summer pests in Australia, it’s paramount not to overlook pest control, especially since Queensland, in particular, has more than its fair share of bugs and insects. A reputable and trustworthy pest control company like Bob Gunn Termite Solutions can help you address your pest problem on your property.

Let us know your pest control needs this summer by contacting us in Brisbane. Our friendly office staff are waiting for your call.

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