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The 5 Most Common Pests in Winter

It’s a common misconception that pests disappear, hibernate and/or migrate during winter. We may get relief from the incessant flies and mosquitoes that bug us nonstop during summer. However, there are other pests that you need to pay more attention to in the colder months.

Rodents in Winter

We know that mice and rats are the most common winter pests. They are just like us humans when it comes to winter. They want somewhere warm and comfortable with lots of readily available food. So how do we stop them from making that somewhere your home?


We can’t keep our homes cold just to keep out the rats so we need to stop them from being able to enter. Cover your weep holes, clear trees and shrubs away from the roof and fit doors and windows with weather strips.


Mice and rats will make almost anywhere they can their home especially if it’s cosy. Insulation, speakers, couches, boxes of clothes or just boxes in general. If you have stored items around your home, do a rearrange to discourage rodents out of their hiding places. Use metal or plastic storage containers rather than cardboard and give your furniture a once over to see if they are housing any mice families.


If the food supply is limited, then they will find a more suitable habitat. Keep food stored in airtight containers and not in bags or boxes. Follow good sanitation in the kitchen by clearing away food messes, washing dishes and taking out rubbish regularly.

How to Get Rid of Rodents

Setting traps is one way to get the odd, adventurous mouse or rat (cheese rarely works, try peanut butter or chocolate), or you could put some poison rodent baits around your home (these can be very unsafe around children and animals). If you find yourself battling with more than you can handle, you should call in a professional pest control team to eradicate these pests from your home.

General Pests in Winter

Termites, Cockroaches, Ants and Spiders

Just like rodents and humans, most insects are also just looking for somewhere warm to ride out the winter. Many believe that these creepy crawlies slow down in winter and don’t cause as much of a nuisance, but this is not entirely true.

You may not see as many moving around outside, but you may be surprised to find that they have already made it into your home, breeding and eating unstoppably. This is especially true for termites. The most destructive pest in the world, the termite will continue to munch away on your home if it has already made its way inside.

Cockroaches, most commonly the German cockroaches (small ones), will still be seeking out refuge in the warm, tiny, dark areas of your home. And because they may not be venturing as far as normal due to the cold outside, their numbers can multiply even faster in your home.

Things may slow down outside in the cold winter climate, but inside your home insects will be kept warm and sheltered so they have no need to go anywhere else. An inspection in your home at the beginning of winter is a great idea to ensure that your home does not become the breeding ground for pests. Call Bob Gunn Termite Solutions today and schedule your next winter pest treatment.