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Common DIY Pest Control Mistakes You Need to Stop Doing

We have been called to assist and have seen many incidences of common pest DIY mistakes where a homeowner or tenant has attempted to eradicate pests from their home, only to come to a cropper in the exercise.

It is all well and good to try and tackle small issues yourself but sometimes, you may discover that what you believed was a small issue suddenly reveals itself as a larger infestation or has morphed into a larger issue.

Today we want to share with you the most common mistakes people make when considering pest control.

Over-The-Counter Products

Often, the products you can buy from the supermarket are a diluted version of the chemicals a professional pest controller would use. This is because you need a licence or at least a good knowledge to work with certain chemicals.

Often times, the stuff you buy over the counter will not last long or may only be a kill on contact chemical and not give lasting protection.

Thinking They Are Gone When They Are Really in Hiding

Sometimes, a morphing happens when a DIY’er attempts to clean up an issue themselves. They run the risk of forcing the pests further into the dark wall or floor cavities of their home.

Thinking they are gone, the DIY’er relaxes and then discovers months or years down the track ‘another’ infestation which may have had an opportunity to create more costly damage than the cost of employing a professional.

The Small Guy Is the Stayer

Usually, when people think pest control, there are companies around who possess a recognisable name due to their extensive marketing. This does not mean that their operators have been around for as long as their name has. Quite often, their turnover of staff is higher.

When you deal with the local business operator and you know he has been there for years, you can pretty much bet he is doing a good job. Otherwise, he would not still be the local operator.

Working With Chemicals Is a Professional’s Job

Too often, people run the risk of exposing themselves to chemicals they have little knowledge of and put themselves and their family in harm’s way. That is why, when there are chemicals involved, it’s time to seek our help. Our team at Bob Gunn Termite Solutions is trained and accredited to work with the chemicals used to keep your home pest-free.

Conduct a Regular Inspection

This is one area where a homeowner can fall down: conducting a regular inspection of your property. If it possesses any form of timber in its construction, the service is essential. Count on us to look for and eradicate the unwanted guests in your home.

Get in touch with us today. We are fully licenced, qualified and knowledgeable.