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Commercial Pest Control

Businesses and institutions need pest control, sometimes, even more than residential buildings. Because of the nature of their services, some businesses require regular and effective pest management.

Bob Gunn Termite Solutions provides high quality commercial pest control that will suit all types of commercial establishments and institutions. Here are just some of the reasons why Bob Gunn Termine Solutions is the company to call for commercial pest control.


Solutions for Different Businesses

Bob Gunn Termite Solutions has the experience and expertise to deal with all sorts of pests in the commercial setting. The company only uses advanced methods, developed after a thorough inspection of the premises.

The property is checked and inspected to assess the magnitude of the pest problem. The inspection is also important so that hiding places can be identified. It is not enough to deal with the pests that are roaming around. Every nook and cranny needs to be checked to find any concealed pests.

The inspection and assessment will be the basis for any pest management solution that the company will provide. Developed solutions will vary depending on the type of business.

There are some businesses that require specialised pest management because of the products and services being offered in the facility. Because these places are often frequented by paying customers, the pest solutions must not be too aggressive.

They must be very cautious with offensive odours and chemicals that may also be dangerous to customers of the business. Here are just some of the businesses that need special attention:

  • Food Business – Because they deal with food preparation, pest control must be safe and must be carefully done so as not to contaminate any of the food, utensils and cooking equipment.
  • Schools – Children are sensitive to pests, but they may also be in danger if pest control is not done right. Pest control must be handled by highly experienced pest control specialists only.
  • Nursing Homes and Hospitals – These facilities, no doubt, need to be pest free. Old and sick people are highly sensitive to health threats from pests, so an effective pest management must be implemented.
  • Hotels and Inns – The hospitality business operates with the hope of building a good reputation to increase referrals and good reviews. This will not happen if there are pests found on the premises.


Compliance with Government Standards

Bob Gunn Termite Solutions helps businesses meet regulatory requirements and standards surrounding public health. These standards cover public health as a concern for food preparation businesses. Standards also cover the use of pest management products and methods to ensure that no contamination occurs with the handling and use of pest products.