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Commercial and Industrial Pest Management

Reliable commercial pest control is just one of the many services provided by us at Bob Gunn Termite Solutions. Don’t let our name fool you into thinking termites are our only focus.

As a business owner or operator, you should be well-aware of your responsibility to your staff and customers when it comes to providing them with a clean, pest-free environment.

Whatever industry your business is in, whether it be offices, factories, food preparation and service, hotels, clubs, health care, kindergartens or schools, our fully licensed professionals are able to offer sound advice in the proper management and treatment of all pests.

The rules and regulations differ from industry to industry. As such, we ensure our staff members receive regular training and updates on all areas of integrated pest management methods and technologies.


Do It Yourself – Convenience or Pressure?

Whilst most industries do make allowances for the treatment of pests to be carried out yourself, it is important to be aware that not all products are available to the public. This is because some of the products we use in our industry demand their use and application be carried out by a suitably trained, certified administrator.

This is especially true when working in the health care industry in laboratories, doctors’ surgeries, hospitals, nursing homes and areas where children are present such as child care centres, kindergartens and schools. The elderly, the ill and the young can be especially vulnerable to the effects of poorly applied products designed to control pest infestations.

Commercial kitchens, hotels and clubs must also ensure that appropriate levels of pest care are carried out in an appropriate manner. It only takes one customer to have a bad experience for a business’ reputation to be smeared and in some cases ruined.


Save Yourself the Time and Stress

It is true that professional services such as ours do cost a little more compared to the do-it-yourself products that are available. The ‘service’ life of professional products far outweighs that which you may buy off the supermarket shelf.

Your initial cash outlay can save you hundreds or more when you consider that allowing our fully trained professionals to carry out regular inspections, perhaps via our Integrated Pest Management (IPM) programme, will free up your time to concentrate on what you are best at and that is running your business.