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Building and pest inspections provide detailed reports that assist buyers and sellers in identifying possible property concerns, potentially saving them thousands of dollars. Although they are not mandatory services, they are still required by most financial companies when issuing funds.

There are several reasons why Bob Gunn Termite Solutions highly encourages taking advantage of building and pest inspections. Read on and learn the many benefits of conducting inspections regularly.


Are you buying?

We have the goal of helping our clients make informed decisions, especially when it comes to real estate. That is why, using the latest technologies, our inspectors go out of their way to provide our clients, in Brisbane and the surrounding areas, with a comprehensive report that identifies hidden and potentially costly realty problems. With our building and pest inspection services, you can confidently back out of or proceed with the purchase on your favourable terms.

Are you selling?

We understand that there is nothing worse than having your property contracts cancelled. That is why we offer pre-purchase pest control and pest inspection services to help you prevent issues before they become a real problem. Our building and pest inspection reports provide sellers with detailed information about their property, allowing them to rectify issues before they are identified by the buyer.

Why You Need Building and Pest Inspections

Happy kids looking at the windowIn Queensland, it is not compulsory to have a building and pest inspection performed when property changes hands. There is no legislation that requires it, no fine involved and not even a small prison term!

However, a mortgagee will usually ask for a written report that details the condition of the property, both in terms of the building construction and the presence (or not) of pests and any damage they may have caused. They can do this because:

  • They have leverage – The purchaser needs the loan approved to buy the property.
  • They are taking on a risk – This risk is much greater if the collateral i.e. the property being purchased, has unseen damage. It could result in the property being worth much less than the value of the loan. This would put the mortgagee in a loss-making situation.
  • They are calling the shots – If a satisfactory inspection report is a condition of the contract, the results can determine if the contract proceeds to settlement.

To avoid having a contract of sale jeopardised in any way, many vendors or sellers of property are taking the initiative and arranging building and pest inspection services in Brisbane before they list the property for sale. There are several advantages for them in this approach:

  • There is plenty of time to rectify any damage revealed by the report before the property is advertised.
  • Once the damage is rectified and the costs known, the vendors can decide if adding these costs to the price they want for their property is feasible in the going market.
  • The real estate agent can truthfully tell prospective buyers that there are no structural or pest damage issues with their property. This can be a feature of their advertising campaign.
  • With the building and pest inspection report being available before the contract is drawn up, the condition of the property should not be an issue in any contract of sale.

The cost of pest and building inspections in Brisbane is small compared to the certainty it gives the building owner. Holding off so the prospective buyer will pay for it could backfire, resulting in a lost sale. For the amount of money involved, it is simply not worth it.

Get Inspected, Save Your Property

A happy family outside their houseHow many hundreds of thousands of properties are there where the owner/occupiers have lived in the home for many years and never looked in the ceiling or under the floorboards? If the boards were lifted up, would there be evidence of termites – the silent destroyers of timber that leaves it honeycombed and structurally unsound. Would the homeowner want the first indication of this type of damage to be a collapsed floor or ceiling?

The same applies to a brick home on a concrete slab.

Do the owners know if there is anything happening under the concrete? Are all the floors tiled or carpeted, covering the slab and hiding any movement? Are the roof and ceiling secure and ready to cope with wild storms?

At the very least, there could be a resident carpet snake up there happily snoozing and sneaking out at night for the occasional snack. Worse than that, there could be structural cracks appearing in the slab under the floor coverings.

Getting this type of damage identified sooner rather than later through an inspection can cut the cost of repairs dramatically. There is really no excuse for complacency but there is a lot of risks when a cavalier, “she’ll be right” approach replaces caution and due diligence.

The homeowner can be present while the inspection is being conducted, and discuss any findings on the spot with the inspector. They can see for themselves any damage and have the opinion of an expert on hand.

For no other reason than peace of mind, getting a building and pest inspection is the wise and prudent thing to do. At least the owner will be able to give the python a name!

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