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Six Ways to Tell That Your Home Is Sick

With winter fast approaching, you can expect the common cold and other illnesses to disrupt your daily grind. Whilst focusing on staying healthy, why not think about the health of your home as well?

Here are the six major ways your home can get sick:

1. Mouldy Walls and Ceilings

Properties, especially those built on the coast or on permeable clay soil, are susceptible to moulds.

Moulds are signs that there is a moisture leakage somewhere. It could be linked to insufficient air flow, a leaky roof, moisture in the subfloor or an issue with draining and guttering.

If you’re unable to get up into or onto the roof or under the house yourself, hire a builder to do the job for you. Improved ventilation or new drainage corrects most issues.

2. Severe Cracking

Cracks more than five millimetres in width may relate to a home’s foundation’s movement – a costly problem to correct.

Tree roots sucking moisture from the soil causing it to dry up can cause cracks. Weak foundation or moisture issues in the subfloor area are possible causes too.

When you see severe cracking, contact a reputable builder right away. They will drop by, take a look at your problem and fix the problem for you.

3. Faulty Windows and Jamming Doors

Another sign that moisture is slowly destroying your home is when there are doors and windows getting stuck in a closed position or can’t be closed at all. It is moisture that causes the wooden frames to expand and contract.

When this happens, check for leaks and other symptoms of moisture. We also advise getting a professional to address the problem’s cause, as well as the faulty doors and windows themselves.

4. Rotting Wooden Decks and Balustrades

Wooden decks that are rotting can either be a sign of a dreaded moisture issue or termite infestation. Whilst this is a preventable problem, this poses a very serious safety risk to homeowners and tenants when overlooked.

Single wooden board replacements are cost-effective, short-term fixes. On the other hand, if you want a long-term solution, consider replacing the whole deck or balustrade instead.

5. Musty Smells and Water Stains

A musty smell can mean that your home is in trouble. Teamed with stains, mould or wet patches are sure signs that something isn’t right. These should be addressed right away as these can cause homeowners or tenants to get sick.

Causes of this can be poor ventilation or a hidden leak requiring attention. You can fix this by replacing the carpet, getting rid of the moisture source and improving ventilation.

6. Termites

Termites move quite fast, so if you see a trail of mud in the wood (or even concrete parts) of your home, call a pest inspector as soon as you can. Our multi-awarded team can help you out with this one.

Keep your eyes peeled for wood damage in and beneath your home, especially if you’re in a bushy area. Serious damage and an infestation can be prevented if termites are spotted early enough.

Think Your Home Is Sick?

Get your home back to full health before it’s too late. Now is the time to contact a property inspection expert for an assessment.

At Bob Gunn Termite Solutions, we can provide you with a thorough building and pest inspection as well as a termite treatment if necessary. Give us a call on 07 3286 9877 or send us a message. We look forward to hearing from you!

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10 Practical Holiday Pest Prevention Tips

Heading away for the holidays?

Don’t come home to a house crawling with bugs or scurrying with rodents! Protect your home from unwanted guests by following these simple pest prevention tips this holiday season:

1. Seal all food containers properly and don’t leave any food uncovered.
2. Wash, dry and put away all dishes.
3. Leave sink clean and dry.
4. Throw away or use food that may perish before your return.
5. Take out all rubbish and do not overfill your wheelie bin unless you have a neighbour who can put it on the curb on bin day.
6. Check all taps are turned off properly (No leaks).
7. Don’t overfeed pets. Find someone to feed them on a daily basis so no excess food is left to attract ants, cockroaches, flies or mice.
8. Check outside your home and remove any water pooling. Keep external walls clear (Don’t leave trees or wood piles leaning against the house).
9. Treat your pets for fleas and ticks.
10. Clean your bed sheets before going away to ward off bed bugs.

Whilst following these tips can help eliminate the risk of bugs and pests whilst you’re away, Bob Gunn Termite Solutions can offer even more protection for your property by treating your home for the pests that may be bothering you the most—or all of them.

Enquire about our services now! With our pest control treatment in your home, bugs trying to move in with you and your loved ones will not last very long.

Call our office for your free quote. Our friendly team is more than happy to discuss your needs and concerns with you.

What Bob Gunn Termite Solutions Does to Help You:

• Removes worries of pests whilst away
• Reminders of next pest control date
• Free quote on the services you require

Our Process:

• Give you a no-obligation quote on services you have enquired about for your home
• Our qualified technicians will give a recommendation that meets environmental requirements and will effectively solve the pest situation
• Your home will be treated by one of our technicians
• Our office will design a full pest management program so you know when the property needs inspections and treatments

Do You Have a Trustworthy Pest Inspector?

Building inspectors, do you have a trustworthy pest inspector?

Do you get asked for a pest inspection whilst doing a building inspection?

If you would like a trustworthy Pest Control Company that you can recommend for Building Pest Inspections, then you should contact Bob Gunn today!

Bob Gunn Termite Solutions has the experience, training and technical skills to identify and apply the pest control solutions necessary for the clients property.

Let BOB GUNN take care of the pest inspection whilst you complete the building inspection.

Enquire about our Services NOW!

Call our office on 07 3286 9877. Speak to our friendly team today.

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Choosing the right pre-purchase pest inspector

How to Choose a Pre-Purchase Pest Inspector

Buying a new home is an extremely exciting time for everyone, especially if it’s your first home. Chances are, you’ve spent months going to open homes trying to find that perfect fit. So now that you’ve found the one you love, what do you need to do?

You can’t just buy a property without knowing what it is that you’re purchasing. Ensuring that your potential house is safe from any possible dramas is the first step to getting the keys. Most settlement contracts will be subject to a building and pest inspection.

It is important to note that building and pest inspections are not the same thing. Unless you have found a company that is qualified to do both, you will need to contact a separate pest control company to carry out the inspection for you.

A pre-purchase pest inspection checks for the following:

• Active Termites in Timber Elements of the Home

• Damage Caused by Termites (If Applicable)

• Repairs Needed (If Applicable)

• Treatments Needed

• Prevention Required

• Risk and Susceptibility of the Home to Termite Intrusion


Bob Gunn Termite Solutions has put together a few tips to help you find a pest inspector for your potential home.

1. Find an inspector that is QUALIFIED. Don’t be afraid to ask for license numbers and also check that they are insured (Professional Indemnity Insurance). You don’t want to be dealing with a dodgy building inspector whilst trying to buy a home.

2. Enquire about the company’s process, equipment and reporting. You want to find someone who is confident in how they conduct their inspections. If their responses seem vague ask them for clarification. You can also request to see an example report. Is it thorough and easy to understand?

3. Try to source your own inspector rather than one associated with the real estate or recommended by the seller of the property.

4. Don’t settle for an inspection report that was organised by the seller themselves.

It’s important that you feel confident in the company that you have chosen to do your pest inspection. So do your research, ask for referrals and don’t be afraid to ask the company questions.

At Bob Gunn Termite Solutions, we can answer all your queries, being the experts that we are in building and pest inspections. Call our office in Brisbane today and book your inspection with us. We promise we won’t disappoint.

Book you Pre-Purchase Pest Inspection Now!

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Pest Control: Prevention Is Better Than Cure

Do you wait for a problem to arise before dealing with it?

If you could prevent it from happening, would you? 

Preventative pest control is the best solution if you don’t want to end up with pests in your home. Don’t wait until you need to eradicate the problem.

Bob Gunn Termite Solutions has preventative treatments for all kinds of pests. From termites, ants and mosquitoes to spiders, cockroaches, fleas and rodents, we’ll help you keep these annoying creatures out of your home.

We take care of your tenants’ and owners’ requests by conducting onsite inspections and pest management treatments. Ensure that both parties are kept happy and you can rest easy knowing that the property is protected.

Enquire about our pest control services NOW!

Do you worry that one bug might lead to more?  Terrified of mice taking over your house? We’ll go in every year and keep the creepy crawlies away with our tailored to you pest management program.

Call our office in Brisbane for your free quote. Our friendly team awaits your call.

What Bob Gunn Does to Help You:

  • Keeps the pests out of your home
  • Any pests already in the home will be eradicated
  • Reduce the chances of creepy crawlies near food & bins
  • Reduce your children’s reactions to scary creatures in the home

Our Process:

  • Determine the probable pest concerns you may encounter in your area
  • Have a qualified technician carry out a treatment for the relevant pests (Ants, mosquitoes, spiders, cockroaches, termites, fleas or rodents).
  • We’ll put you in the system for a follow up call in 12 months’ time to make sure the pests stay away.

Book Your Pest Control Preventative Treatment NOW!

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Do Your Children Have a Fear of Bugs?

Children having a fear of bugs can be one of the most stubborn fears. Most humans have an aversion to insects of some sort at some point in their lives. Flying insects are one of the most common childhood fears and often a trigger for kids as they come into the children’s personal space without warning.

A fear of bugs can continue into adulthood if not addressed, so we do have some words of wisdom for you. Did you know that 650,000 car accidents per year are due to the reaction to bees, spiders or bugs? Let’s see if we can get a handle on this. How would you react if there was a bug on your windscreen while you were driving?

What to Do When a Child Panics Over an Insect:

1. Don’t remove them straight away. Instead, sit or kneel down next to them and comfort them by telling them what kind of insect it is and what it does/eats.

2. In situations when it may cause harm to the child, remove them as quickly and calmly as possible. After they’re removed from danger, explain to them the type of insect and why it may cause harm to the child and that staying calm and moving away is the best reaction.

3. Ask them to see it from the tiny bug’s perspective–they’re more scared of us.

4. Try not to react yourself. Kids feed off other people’s anxieties too.

A screaming little girl

What Can You Do to Prevent This Fear?

Prevention is better than cure. Get your house sprayed for bugs each year and you will reduce the problem by heavily reducing the number of bugs they come into contact with. Once seeing bugs is not an all-day, everyday occurrence, it’s easier to get a handle on it one bug at a time.

Call us for your pest control treatment today. We’ll make sure you get a reminder in 12 months’ time for your respray.

Do You Worry About Termites Damaging Your Home?

Homeowners, don’t wait until you can see the damage!

Prevention is better than cure.

Most of the time, you won’t notice that you have termites until you start to see some of the damage that they have already created. But how long have they been inside a wall without you noticing?

How can you make sure that you catch termites on time?

Easy, book an annual termite inspection with Bob Gunn Termite Solutions. We will keep your home safe and ensure that, even if these pests do invite themselves into your home, we will catch them before they cause too much damage.

Contact us today to begin a termite inspection routine in your area. We service Brisbane, Logan, Redlands, Ipswich, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast.

Warning Signs:

  • Cracking, bubbling or peeling paint
  • Mud tracks (tunnels) on external or internal walls
  • Flying termites — They swarm in large quantities and usually mean there is a colony close by
  • Timber appearing to be water damaged without any apparent leaks or sounding hollow when knocked

Our Process:

  • One of our qualified technicians will conduct a termite inspection in and around your home
  • We will report our findings to you and give you a choice of preventions or treatments that we recommend
  • Our team will carry out any services requested by you
  • Our office will design a full pest management program so you know when the property needs inspections and re-treatments.

Inquire about our termite prevention and treatments NOW!

07 3286 9877

Couple looking at a house

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