a brown rat up-close

Disease-Carrying Rats Unafraid of Humans to Infest Britain

Multiplying unstoppably and invading homes, poison-resistant rats are about to overrun Britain

Because of their rampant increase in number that has resulted in a heightened exposure to people, rodents are losing their fear of humans, experts warn.

What is worse is that many common poisons do not work against them.

Rat populations have increased from 160 million in 2014 and pest control firms report a 19% increase of callouts.

The nationwide reduction of bin collection has been seen as the root of the amplifying rat numbers.

“What we are seeing are rats becoming much less wary of humans. Where rats used to be frightened, it’s not uncommon for them to now appear unfazed when faced with people. That and a resistance to poison makes them much harder to get rid of. And rats not only carry many nasty diseases which can spread to humans through their urine, but they also do significant structural damage to buildings. It’s bad news indeed,” Ranjen Gohri, director of 24|7 Home Rescue, said.

Some of the fatal diseases which most rats carry include Leptospirosis, Salmonella, Listeria, Toxoplasma gondii and Hantavirus.

The good news is that you can prevent rodent infestation in your home by following these simple yet effective tips:

• Keep your home neat and clean
• Observe proper food storage and disposal
• Secure your bins tightly and see to it that they are taken out of your home regularly

When you spot a mouse or a rat in your home, call Bob Gunn Termite Solutions immediately. We have foolproof treatments against rodents, no matter what the size.


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