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Handling Wood Rot

Wood rot can happen to any part of the house that is made from timber and that has been exposed to the fungi that cause the damage. Wood rot happens after a certain exposure to air and moisture, which are essential to the growth of the rot-causing fungi.

Wood rot is quite difficult to control because once you see the wood rotting, the damage is irreversible. The only thing you can do is to prevent further damage by controlling the pests that eat the wood. Some rotting wood can still be saved if the damage is not yet complete. Read more

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What Are Wood Borers?

Of the many pests that can invade a house, the wood borer is one that homeowners should be very wary about. While wood borers do not attack people, they belong to the group of pests that damage and destroy property.

Just like other pests infesting the home, identification and knowledge about the wood borer will help a great deal in stopping and effectively treating an infestation. Read more