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What You Need to Know About Cockroach Bites

Cockroaches are nocturnal omnivores that can bite human skin. Whilst they rarely do so, a simple wound they’ve caused can last for up to a week.

Can All Types of Cockroaches Bite?

Yes, all cockroaches can bite. If they feel threatened, they choose to be offensive rather than defensive. It’s also important to note that some cockroaches are more likely to attack than others.

When their food supply is low, that’s when they attack. On the other hand, they’re unlikely to do so if there’s an existing food source such as a garbage bin or uncovered food.

Their timid nature doesn’t stop them from attacking humans while they’re asleep. Cockroaches go for places where food residue may be left behind. These can be the following:
• Mouth
• Hands
• Fingernails
• Feet
• Eyelashes

How Painful Is a Cockroach Bite?

The pain of a cockroach bite depends on the bitten person’s tolerance level. He or she may experience a slight twinge or pinch but the discomfort doesn’t last very long.

What Does a Cockroach Bite Look Like?

You can easily mistake a cockroach bite for a bed bug bite or a bite from other insects (mosquitoes, fleas, etc). However, there are a few differences which set a cockroach bite apart.

Compared to a bed bug bite, a bite from a cockroach is bright red in colour, 1-4 mm in width and is a little hefty. Also, there won’t be a series of bites as in the case of a bed bug attack. There will only be one wound.

Swelling and itching most likely occur. Once infected, the bite can lead to inflammation and outgrow in size.

What Are Some Cockroach Bite Home Remedies?

Wash the area thoroughly with a disinfectant as soon as you’re bitten. This will not only help eliminate bacteria, but this will also prevent contracting infection.

If swelling happens, apply an ice pack to reduce it. Take an antihistamine if itchiness begins. Warm water, lemon juice and Aloe Vera are a few home remedies that you can apply.

Remember to never scratch a cockroach bite as it can cut the skin, risking an infection.

How to Prevent Cockroach Bites

Practice good sanitation and you’ll find virtually zero cockroaches in your home. However, if they’ve started to infest your property already, it’s best to hire reputable pest control technicians.

For cockroach treatments that work, contact Bob Gunn Termite Solutions in Brisbane today. A Queensland pest manager multi-award winner, we adopt measures based on your specific situation and go the extra mile for our customers every time.

Cockroaches trigger asthma

Cockroaches and Asthma

Nobody likes cockroaches. They are creepy, sneaky, dirty, and have way too many legs. We all wish we didn’t have to come across them scuttling away when we turn the kitchen lights on. However, they’re a fact of life that are sometimes very hard to get rid of.

We know they bring dirt and diseases into our home, which is why we do our best to keep them away. But did you know that cockroaches can also be a cause or trigger for asthma sufferers?

There has been numerous studies conducted on the correlation between asthma and cockroaches which show that some asthma sufferers are susceptible to a reaction from breathing in the excrement and dust from decaying cockroaches.

An asthma attack can be triggered by non-allergic factors such as exercise or the cold, and others are due to an allergic reaction in the bronchial tube caused by things such as cat dander or pollen. Some asthmatics can also have an allergic reaction to cockroaches.

German cockroaches are one of the most common causes of the reaction and are also the most common cockroaches to infest a home.

If you are someone with asthma or you have an asthmatic child, you should get your home checked and treated for cockroaches regularly to make sure your family is safe. Sometimes, by the time you see one or two, there is already a problem. Also, the longer you leave the infestation, the harder it becomes to eradicate.

Bob Gunn Termite Solutions can help! We assist residential customers by providing them with pest management solutions tailored to their individual requirements.

Gain some peace of mind with our 12-month warranty on cockroach treatments. We can also help rid your home of a multitude of pests including black ants, cockroaches, spiders, silverfish, moths, termites, mice, rats, wasps and bees.

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German Cockroaches

German Cockroaches: Identification, Prevention & Treatment


German cockroaches are the small baby-like roaches that you will find hiding in your pantry, car, laundry and, in fact, anywhere in your home where there is a small corner, crevice or hole.

They are around 1.1-1.6cm in size and their colour can vary from tan to almost black. They have two dark streaks on their head and have wings. While they can barely fly, they may glide when disturbed.


German cockroaches are particularly associated with restaurants, hotels and food processing facilities, but you will also more than likely find them in your home from time to time. They cannot withstand cold climates, so they’ll find refuge in warm areas around your home where they will also have access to food.

Feeding Habits

German cockroaches are attracted to meats, starches, sugars and fatty foods, but will basically eat anything including household items such as soap, glue and toothpaste if there is a lack of accessible food.


The German cockroach reproduces faster than any other residential cockroach, with them transitioning from egg to fully reproductive adult in 50-60 days. This rapid reproduction phase attributes to their resilience to many pest control measures.


Cockroaches are thigmotactic. This means that they love small confined spaces and find comfort in being touched on all sides. This is also another reason why they can be hard to eradicate. They will find the smallest space to squeeze into and stay there until they venture out to find food. Additionally, roaches can also spread diseases such as E.coli, salmonella and typhus, and have also been linked to some cases of asthma and allergies.

German Cockroach Treatment & Eradication

Making sure you follow good sanitation in your home is the first way to get rid of cockroaches. Try to wipe down all surfaces after food preparation, don’t leave dirty dishes, make sure all food sources are contained well and remove rubbish from the home daily so they don’t have an opportunity to scavenge.

Sealing as many cracks and small openings as possible is another a good way to keep them from making your house their home. However, the most effective way to eradicate these pests is to seek professional help.

Bob Gunn Termite Solutions is made up of qualified experts that can make sure all possible areas of cockroach infestation are taken care of. Call us today for a free quote.

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The problem is that a restaurant attracts pests like a magnet attracts metal. Pests such as rodents, cockroaches and flies are doing their best to get into the kitchen of a restaurant. That is why all forms of preventive measures and remedies must be done to remove any sort of pests on the restaurant premises. Read more

Treating Cockroaches with Bob Gunn Termite Solutions

Cockroaches are among the most common pests that can infest a home. They not only cause a nuisance to the residents, they can only be a carrier of harmful diseases. They can be very dangerous to homes with babies and small children, who are more vulnerable to attacks of cockroaches. Asthmatic people are also in danger of exposure to a cockroach infestation.

At the first sign of cockroach living in the premises, measures must be taken to clear the home of cockroaches. Read more