Clothes on a rack

Damaged Furniture and Clothing: Signs of Something Creepy

Nothing is more annoying than putting on your favourite piece of clothing only to find that there is a tiny hole in it. This plus finding damaged furniture and fabrics around the house will always be very annoying.

Items such as furniture and rugs that become damaged or clothing with holes not only means your belongings don’t look well kept, it also means replacement and repair costs. Read more

Silverfish macro shot

Beware: The Silverfish Infestation

As the warmer months disappear behind us and winter sets in, you may have discovered a small, slim, scaled, tapering insect, usually light grey in colour, with long antennae scurrying in a box in the garage or trapped in the bathtub or sink. Read more

silverfish close up pest control Brisbane, Gold Coast QLD

Silverfish Can Damage Your Home

Silverfish, unlike other common pests in Australia, do not attack people, but they are certainly a nuisance to have in the house. They can bring huge damage to your precious properties in the house, so they need to be removed from the premises once they are spotted.

Silverfish are generally nocturnal insects. They have elongated, wingless bodies covered with scales. They got their name from the silvery appearance of their skin and their fish-like shape. Silverfish like to be in dark, undisturbed places such as a library, a closet or wardrobe. These pests feed on anything that contains starch and protein. However, they can live without feeding for about a year. Nevertheless, in a house, there are many items that they can readily feed on. Read more