black ants close up Queensland

Summer Brings out the Best in Mother Nature!

You can’t win with ants. When it is looking like rain, you see them scurrying around creating defences to protect their homes. Some of them seek shelter indoors and like it so much that they decide to stay and set up home in wall cavities and ceilings.

Whilst the common Black Ant measuring only 2.5-3mm long or the Coastal Brown Ant, which can get as big as a whopping 4mm, will do everything to protect their homes; the truth is they need moisture and sustenance to survive. Read more

mosquito on skin

Pests Abound During Winter Months

You may be surprised to read this, but it is true. Most of us believe that once winter comes along, we are free from the usual pests such as flies, mozzies, flees, cockroaches, spiders and the like.

Whilst this is true to a certain extent, the interesting news is that if any pests such as these managed to make it into your home before the cold set in, they are there lurking somewhere and staying lovely and cosy warm! Read more