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Reduce Mosquitoes This Summer in South Queensland

Summer in South East Queensland is a beautiful time of the year if you like the heat. Thousands come from all over the country and, indeed, all over the world to experience our long, white, sandy beaches.

There is always plenty to do in and around the water. You can do everything from scuba diving to paragliding.

The summer also brings the rains and we get many storms. Rain and storm season ALWAYS means mosquitoes. Don’t be in any doubt of that.

Even just leaving a container of water around can be a great place for mosquitoes to breed. The simple task of rinsing your pet’s bowl and refilling it could reduce the amount of mosquitoes.

Increased Cases of Ross River Fever

The recent 2015 season has actually brought not quite so much rain as past years, which we are very grateful for.

This season has, however, brought a huge explosion of mosquito numbers. This increased population has certainly made its mark.

More than 380 Queenslanders have reported contracting the debilitating Ross River Fever in this first quarter of the year. The years prior reported 120 and 125 cases respectively.

Local authorities have conducted greater than usual amounts of public land spraying in an effort to control this outbreak. December 2014 saw the largest area of 4,400 hectares sprayed to deter this growth. It was the largest December spray in 16 years.

Steps You Can Take to Reduce the Swell

As already discussed, regular cleaning and refilling of large animal bowls will be the first thing to manage. You can also empty any containers lying around such as buckets under dripping taps and the bottom dish of your plants.

There are some plants you can grow in your garden that appear to assist in reducing mosquito numbers as well. Plants such as citronella, lemon balm, catnip, marigolds, lavender, geranium, rosemary, peppermint, pennyroyal, and basil all assist in masking the scents that attract mosquitoes.

If you bruise some of the leaves of these plants or pop the leaves and stalks of the plant into a large water burner on a regular basis, you will go a long way towards keeping mosquitoes away from your environment at least.

When All Else Fails

Bob Gunn Termite Solutions is able to come and treat large infestations. Our treatments can greatly reduce mosquitoes this summer in South Queensland. Contact us today.

The Wet Season Means It’s Mosquito Season

Most Australians, no matter where they may reside, would be able to offer their own little trick to avoid being bitten by a mosquito or, even better, a way to stop the itching aggravation a mosquito bite brings.

Whether you do or don’t have a little trick up your sleeve is not as important as being prepared for the onslaught during the warmer and wetter months of the year. Wet season means mosquito season.

In January 2014, South East Queensland recorded a higher than average rainfall. This above average rainfall disturbed many, many dormant mosquito eggs. Read more

Warm, Humid Weather Attracts Mosquitoes

A mosquito appears to be able to live in just about any environment and cannot necessarily be pigeon-holed into one particular season of the year.

Having said that, warm humid weather attracts mosquitoes. The increased storm activity of South East Queensland is certainly creating very positive conditions for these pesky critters. Read more

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Tips to Reduce Issues With Mosquitoes After Storms

No one really likes mosquitoes, but each year they keep coming back. The wet season is particularly inviting for them especially if there are flood waters left behind. As we all know, the hot months here can really bring on some fantastic storms, and with that, damage and perfect conditions for these bloodsuckers to thrive. Read more

mosquito on skin

3 Important Mosquito Facts You Probably Don’t Know About

Most of us love the hot months. It brings about the opportunity to spend more time outdoors enjoying the water, sun, camping and more. However, there is something else that comes with the hot weather that no one is keen on and that’s mosquitoes. Read more

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Ways to Control Mosquitoes

Bloodsucking mosquitoes can take the fun out of an outdoor party that you have painstakingly organised for weeks. Their buzz is annoying and their bites are painful. If this is not enough to hate mosquitoes, the bites of these pests also carry diseases.

Mosquito control is important because of the many problems these pests create. Mosquitoes are nuisances in homes and in public places such as parks and recreation areas.

Mosquitoes can also have an economic impact as they can reduce real estate value, negatively affect tourism and related businesses, and they can cause poor health to livestock and poultry. In addition, mosquitoes are vectors, or transmitters, of infectious diseases such as West Nile Virus, Saint Louis encephalitis virus, dengue fever, malaria, and more. Read more

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Mosquito Treatment: It’s Not as Difficult as You Think

Summer storms and monsoonal rains are part of life in Queensland and they are generally a welcome relief from the heat. If the winter and spring rains have been below par, they also top up our water supplies and hydrate lawns and gardens. However, they also bring mosquitoes. Whilst these pests are annoying, at the same time they can and do transmit disease.

Everyone loves the outdoor lifestyle here in South East Queensland, especially the beach, the backyard pool or hiking in our beautiful national parks. It also makes us vulnerable to attacks from mosquitoes.

We can’t do much about mosquitoes in public places, but as pest control experts, we felt it was time to offer our customers a mosquito treatment for their homes. Read more