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Midges and Their Mighty Destruction

Enjoying the great outdoors is a pastime that many of us relish, but there are some things that can put a dampener on this experience, such as midges or sandflies. Though tiny, these little biters can wreak havoc when we head outdoors. Read more

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Midges and Sandflies

Summer and midges! They just go together like flowers and bees. The humid summer heat creates the perfect environment for masses of these tiny little insects to reproduce.

Midges are sometimes called sandflies. It is interesting to note that sandflies are a separate species, albeit with a similar agenda. To us humans, that agenda appears to be making our lives as uncomfortable as possible.

Whilst some of us appear immune to the bite of these tiny little insects, many of us suffer intense itching to the point of broken or infected skin. Some may also experience muscle and joint aches. Read more