A swarm of flying ants

Why Flying Ants Day Happens

Seeing a swarm of winged insects – hundreds of thousands of them – is the stuff of nightmares. But rest your fears as some of these insects may be flying ants, especially if you see them during the summer months.

What are these winged bugs? Is there a “Flying Ants Day” in Australia? Why does it happen and how can you deal with it?

What Are Flying Ants?

These are fertile male and female ants that are ready to reproduce and build a new colony. When this phase of their reproduction cycle hits, they take flight in the form of a swarm and breed mid-air.

However, you need to take a closer look since those winged insects that look like flying ants could be flying termites, and vice versa. It is common to mistake one for the other, especially from afar. How are flying ants different from flying termites?

Here is how these two insects differ:

Flying Ants

• Bent antennae
• Their abdomens are narrow
• Unequal length wings, with the fore wings much bigger than the hind wings
• Wings are as long as, or slightly longer, than the body and have dark veins
• They don’t readily shed their wings

Flying Termites

• Straight antennae
• Straight abdomen
• Wings are of equal length and much longer than their bodies
• Wings appear with indistinct patterns
• They shed their wings readily

When Is Flying Ants Day?

Flying ants swarm commonly occurs during summer, and factors such as weather, humidity and wind conditions must be ideal for it to happen. There is no sign that triggers flying ants to swarm.

A swarm is massive to ensure breeding between male and female flying ants is successful, and accordingly the establishment of a new colony. A huge number of ants in a swarm will die within a day because of birds that prey on them for food.

When to Call the Professionals

Flying ants can enter your home or place of business through visible cracks and crevices. Seal them to prevent these pests from invading your space. Also, always keep your doors and windows closed, or install a fly screen so you can open them and let the air in during the hot months.

If you suspect an ant infestation, seek the services of a professional pest control company. Contact Bob Gunn Termite Solutions to help you identify and control your ant problem. Call us today to request a FREE quote.

black ants close up Queensland

Black House Ant Australia (Ochetellus glaber)

Black Ants in a Nutshell

The common black house ant is small (2.5mm – 3mm) and attracted to sweet food. The worker ants enter homes usually under doors, or around windows and will leave long trails between their nest and the food they are collecting.

They are found in urban and rural areas of Australia and like to nest against paths, stonework, under logs and can also nest between walls and in roofs. If they are nesting in your home, you will most likely find a pile of black droppings on floors or window sills as the worker ants are tasked to take the mess (rubbish) from their nest and dump it somewhere in order to keep the nest clean.

Black Ants Prevention

The best thing you can do to prevent them is to starve them. Don’t leave food or drinks lying around for them–drops of water, crumbs, the works. Cleaning all spills and regularly taking out your rubbish will also keep these ants from finding your home a desirable habitat.


• Keep kitchen benches clean and clear of food and crumbs
• Store foods in airtight containers in the pantry or fridge
• Sweep or vacuum any crumbs and spills off floors regularly
• Keep areas dry, especially the kitchen and bathrooms


Because ants live together in colonies, and the eradication of the queen will destroy the colony, using their foraging instinct to take the contaminated matter back to the nest is an excellent control mechanism. Barrier treatments to keep the ants separated from the food source are also successful, and often a combination of the two will provide the perfect solution.

Our team at Bob Gunn Termite Solutions are trained, experienced and licensed to advise on the best method for ant control. Call us today in Brisbane and we will offer a solution that suits your individual circumstance.

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black ants close up Queensland

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