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Pest Control for a Spider-Free Home

The general consensus for many people is that having the odd spider hanging around the house is okay, as long as they don’t walk on the bed while we are sleeping. But what happens when the spiders have babies? Like any infant animal, baby spiders are really cute until there are hundreds of them running their webs down over your head while you are in the shower!

At the end of the day, sharing your home with spiders can become too much, even for the most Zen animal lover. So how do you let them know that they are not welcome in your space? Read more

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The Bite of the Redback Spider

The Redback Spider is by far one of our most feared spiders ever. It has gathered quite a reputation for causing such illness and even death that the simple sight of one is enough to freeze your blood.

No one wants to discover that they have redback spiders in their home or garden. In order to prevent or rid your home of these creatures, we recommend a professional inspection and control by our team at Bob Gunn Termite Solutions. Read more

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When You Are Overrun With Creepy Spiders

Even though our business is pest removal and reduction, it is important that you understand that all insects, including creepy spiders, have a job to do to keep our ecological environment in balance. Read more

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Spotting a Redback Spider

Redbacks are by far one of the most feared spiders in Australia. Their toxic bite can cause all kinds of upsets to those who come across them, including death. While some spiders are considered ‘ok’ and even ‘useful’ to have around the house, the redback is not one of these. Read more

Removing Redback Spiders in Homes

While not all spiders are harmful, there are some that you simply cannot have in your house. Some spiders may be helpful, catching other insects such as flies and mosquitoes, but some spider species do bite and some of them can cause allergies and even illnesses. One good example of harmful spiders is the redback spider, which is endemic to Australia.

As their name suggests, redback spiders are recognisable for the red stripe on their backs. Redback spiders are round and approximately 1 cm in length. They have toxic venoms, which make them quite dangerous to have roaming around the house. To effectively remove redback spiders from your residence, it is important to know how they feed and where they hide. Read more

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White-Tailed Spiders: Control and Management

White-tailed spiders are pests that every homeowner in Queensland needs to be wary about. This insect can attack humans and make painful bites. It is still unclear whether their bites truly cause necrosis, but the harm they cause people is undeniably real.

If you find white-tailed spiders in your home, be cautious about their control and management. Still the best means to get rid of such a pest is by hiring the expertise of a reliable pest control service. Read more

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Professional Help Needed to Control Dangerous Spiders

With summer comes many of the delights that attract people from everywhere to experience our way of life. Long white beaches, rolling surf, backyard pools and barbeques and warm nights draw people to enjoy the outdoors. Of course, with every positive, there is negative, and the warmer weather sees increased activity by spiders in search of prey.

White-tailed spiders become a nuisance to humans in summer as they roam urban environments looking for prey. They do not make webs but live in dark places among leaf litter, bark, bush rocks and fallen timber.

Suburban backyards make perfect hiding places from where they emerge at night, crawling around looking for food, usually other spiders. Read more