Clothes on a rack

Damaged Furniture and Clothing: Signs of Something Creepy

Nothing is more annoying than putting on your favourite piece of clothing only to find that there is a tiny hole in it. This plus finding damaged furniture and fabrics around the house will always be very annoying.

Items such as furniture and rugs that become damaged or clothing with holes not only means your belongings don’t look well kept, it also means replacement and repair costs. Read more

Clothes moths and larvae

Control and Prevention of Clothes Moths

Have you ever pulled out your carpet or taken out clothes from storage and seen the clothes ruined with holes on them? The culprit was probably clothes moths (Tineola bisselliella). They are a species of fungus moth and belong to the family Tineidae. Read more

clothes moth

Hazardous Effects of Clothes Moths in the Home

You don’t want clothes moths in your home. These pests are not physically harmful to humans, but they can bring a lot of damage to clothing and other materials made of textile, fur, wool or mohair.

In the natural environment, they are very useful as they feed on items that will otherwise be turned into unprocessed waste if they are not around. But sometimes they find their way into human habitation where they can destroy precious belongings.

Once spotted in the home, it is imperative that strategies are formed to remove them from the premises. Read more