Bob Gunn Termite Solutions works to prevent the birds from building nests on roofs of buildings. The trick is to build barriers to prevent birds from settling on top of the roof. The company’s pest control specialists’ goal is to build these preventive barriers specially designed to discourage birds from building their nests on rooftops.

Are Birds Taking Over Your Home or Work?

Birds are wonderful animals and are usually a welcome presence in our community. However, when birds decide to make one particular place their home, they can quickly turn into a nightmare.

Are you having to deal with constant noise? Bird droppings and feathers making a mess?

It’s never necessary to exterminate birds no matter how annoying they can become, and moving them is usually not an option as they will just come straight back. So what do you do? Read more

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Nagging Insect Bites

Have you got what appears to be a mosquito bite that just won’t heal? It could be that it is actually a bird mite bite. These bites are similar to that of a mosquito and have a bullseye appearance with a raised and reddened centre. Read more

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Bird Control and Management

Birds are lovely creatures that can be very pleasant to have in a community. They can bring harmony and balance to the ecosystem and the residential community as well. But once their population becomes uncontrollable, they can become pests to a home. This is why often times bird control and management is needed.

Birds can be attracted to an area if they see they can have food and shelter in that place. Throughout history, various bird species have lived near human dwelling places to gather grains from crops or their gardens. They have also found it, at times, to be more convenient to build nests on roofs of houses. Read more

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Importance of Bird Control

One type of pest management that is almost always disregarded is bird control.

People tend to think that birds are harmless since they do not sting or attack people. However, once the damage they cause becomes apparent, the danger gets alarming.

Some species of birds can be annoying, especially when their population gets huge. Some of the problematic bird species are pigeons, house sparrow and starlings.

While it can be attractive to have some bird visitors in the garden, a large population of them putting up nests on the house is not a good thing. This is where the importance of bird control comes in. Effective solutions must be created to remove and prevent birds infesting a home or office. Read more