Bob Gunn Supports the Local Community

Shane talks about Bob Gunn Termite Solutions and the support we deliver to our local community.

A Multi-Award Winning Company

Shane accepts award on behalf of Bob Gunn Termite Solutions

Our Range of Services

Shane talks about Bob Gunn Termite Solutions and the services offered.

How We Detect Termites

Joel shows you what we do and use to detect termites and termite activity.

Treating for Termites in a Steel Shed

Steel structures can get infested by termites too. Here’s Joel treating a shed infested with white ants.

Treating a Termite-Infested Gum Tree

Joel floods a termite nest established within a gum tree located south side of Brisbane.

Never Forget Your Certificate of Treatment

Joel explains what a Certificate of Treatment contains and why it’s important.

Termite Preventive Treatment

Joel, our senior technician, walks us through a termite preventive treatment at Ipswich.

Joel at Shailer Park

Joel walks us through an exterior termite prevention installation at Shailer Park in