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The Bite of the Redback Spider

The Redback Spider is by far one of our most feared spiders ever. It has gathered quite a reputation for causing such illness and even death that the simple sight of one is enough to freeze your blood.

No one wants to discover that they have redback spiders in their home or garden. In order to prevent or rid your home of these creatures, we recommend a professional inspection and control by our team at Bob Gunn Termite Solutions.

If You Are Bitten

If you are bitten by a Redback or what you think is a Redback, again, don’t panic. In any situation that could be an emergency, it is important that you stay calm. If you are with someone who has been bitten, you need to do your best to keep them calm as well.

Here are some simple steps you should take if you are bitten by a spider you know or believe is a redback:

• If possible, take a picture of the spider that bit you. This will be useful in identifying the right medicine and medical care for your situation.
• Apply ice but do not apply a pressure bandage as this will increase the pain.
• Seek medical assistance. If it is a young child, an infant or elderly person who is bitten, they must be taken to a hospital. The same is to be said for anyone with a heart condition or someone who is showing severe symptoms.

What Happens if You Are Bitten

The fact of the matter is people rarely are paying close attention to what may be lurking under a pile of leaves or in building materials; they are simply going about their business doing what needs to be done.

Usually, the first sign that you have been bitten is an intense pain; this can be followed by the area around the bite to start sweating. At this point, we should mention you may not be able to see any visible signs of a bite and some say it can even look like a mosquito bite.

This intense pain is often followed by a burning sensation and the area around the bite will be red and swollen. Usually, if anything serious will happen from this bite, it occurs within three hours. Symptoms such as vomiting, nausea, headache, fever, palpitations, difficulty breathing or abdominal pain are sure signs you need to get to a hospital.

We recommend that you don’t wait for such symptoms to arise before you call your doctor for some advice on what to do with regards to treating the bite.

Act Now

Don’t delay and get rid of redbacks from your home today. Contact Bob Gunn Termite Solutions for a thorough pest inspection.