birds on roof

Bird Control and Management

Birds are lovely creatures that can be very pleasant to have in a community. They can bring harmony and balance to the ecosystem and the residential community as well. But once their population becomes uncontrollable, they can become pests to a home. This is why often times bird control and management is needed.

Birds can be attracted to an area if they see they can have food and shelter in that place. Throughout history, various bird species have lived near human dwelling places to gather grains from crops or their gardens. They have also found it, at times, to be more convenient to build nests on roofs of houses.


What Makes Them Bad?

If they are kept in a manageable population, birds should not be harmful to humans. However, they can be a danger if their population has grown to uncontrollable proportions.

Bird droppings can cause many problems to houses. If left on the roof for a long period of time, the acidic content of the droppings can create holes in the roofs.

Aside from the property damage they could cause, birds can also be carriers of diseases as exemplified by some cases of bird-transmitted flu and diseases. Their nests built on rooftops can cause some problems as these can be fire hazards. Dry twigs, dead leaves and branches can easily spark in extreme heat. These nests can also be breeding grounds for other pests such as lice and fleas that can then transfer to inside the house.


Bird Control and Management

In Brisbane, it is not an option to relocate the birds to another location, but there are steps that can be taken to mitigate the problems they can cause. Pest control professionals from Bob Gunn Termite Solutions can help you when birds become pests on your property.

Although they may be acting like pests, there is no reason to exterminate birds even if they are seemingly increasing in number uncontrollably. Besides, it would be difficult to control pests through chemical treatments or traps. New groups of birds will always find a way to reside on the roof. There are tricks that can be done to keep them away from homes, particularly from rooftops.

Bob Gunn Termite Solutions works to prevent the birds from building nests on roofs of buildings. The trick is to build barriers to prevent birds from settling on top of the roof. The company’s pest control specialists’ goal is to build these preventive barriers specially designed to discourage birds from building their nests on rooftops. To find out more about the company’s pest bird control and pest management methods.