Silverfish macro shot

Beware: The Silverfish Infestation

As the warmer months disappear behind us and winter sets in, you may have discovered a small, slim, scaled, tapering insect, usually light grey in colour, with long antennae scurrying in a box in the garage or trapped in the bathtub or sink.

This is a silverfish. They love to live in dark, warm, and humid surroundings, so outside during winter is just out of the question if there is an indoor option.

Most times, you would be unaware that you even have a colony of silverfish living in your home in the warm, dark, and moist areas such as your wardrobe, bathroom, and laundry, kitchen, under the dishwasher, basement, garage or shed.

This is because they are secretive creatures who move with extreme speed.

Another tell-tale sign may be that you discover small holes nibbled into your warm winter woollen clothing. Larger holes if that clothing is rarely worn and tucked safely into the back of your dark wardrobe.

Silverfish feast on luxuries such as sugar, starch, glue in books, carpets,
paint, paper, hair and dandruff, plaster, photos, clothing and dead insects.

Even though they can apparently live for up to twelve months without dining, you can see why your home is so enticing.

Silverfish Treatment

Depending on the species of silverfish, a female can lay 2-20 eggs per day. These eggs can take 19-60 days to hatch. A silverfish goes through what is called a molt and an adult can experience up to 50 molts in its 2-8 year lifespan.

A good deterrent to use is cinnamon. This tasty, aromatic spice will discourage adults from a particular area but will not kill an adult or its egg.

You can buy a home dusting kit, but this will prove ineffective after a while due to the lack of knowledge in the application and behaviour of the pest itself.

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