A Matchbox Twenty Concert - Photo by Benjamin Robson

A Matchbox Twenty concert in Tucson, Arizona was postponed for more than an hour due to a swarm of bees.

Exterminators were called to deal with the unwelcome concert goers of the American rock band.

After being kept outside the open-air venue at Tucson’s Casino Del Sol resort on Thursday (3 August 2017), fans were eventually allowed to enter the AVA Amphitheater.

Rob Thomas, the band’s lead singer, posted a picture of a beekeeper at the venue with the message: “Beekeeper has arrived!! Still trying to make this happen. Can’t make this up!”

Later, he showed his appreciation to fans in a tweet “for waiting around”, adding he was “So glad we got the show to happen!”

In Tucson, bees are no laughing matter. Two men have died in separate bee attacks in the city last week.

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