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Bee Control: A Job for Experts

Bees are absolutely essential to the survival of the human species. They busily pollinate one-sixth of the world’s flowering plant species and 400 agricultural plants.

Without them, the world would face starvation as their pollinating habits are vital in the production of fruit, grain and vegetables. However, when they swarm and settle in a suburban back yard, they become a problem.


Do Not Mess With Bees

There are many household insects that can be controlled safely by using an insecticide, but it’s important to note that bees are not one of them. Under no circumstances should someone other than an expert try to remove or destroy a swarm of bees from anywhere.

The greatest risk comes when a swarm of undomesticated bees set up residence in a hollow tree cavity close to human habitation. These types of bees are very aggressive and attempts to remove them will result in severe stings.

We have a team of experts at removing bees here at Bob Gunn Termite Solutions, so there is no need for anyone to place themselves at risk. A quick call to our office will have someone on the way as soon as possible. In the meantime, if the bees are left alone, they will generally settle down. View Post


Bee Stings Can Cause a Fatal Allergic Reaction in Rare Cases

Obviously, bee stings are painful enough when people are bitten once or twice. A person attacked by a swarm will suffer multiple stings, which will cause serious swelling and shock. We always recommend medical attention in these circumstances.

Bee stings become life threatening when the person stung has an allergic reaction and goes into an anaphylactic shock. This can be fatal and urgent medical attention must be sought.

If you are not sure that the new colony established in an old tree on your yard belongs to bees, a professional pest inspection by one of our experts will quickly identify the species and advice on eradication methods.

In Australia, we have European honey bees which most of us would be familiar with. They produce all our honey and we see pictures of them on most honey bottles’ labels.

Native Bees Are Stingless

What many people may not know is that we also have several species of native bees. Some live in hives but most of them are solitary creatures with each female creating her own nest.

Solitary bees can sting, but the social bees living in a hive are stingless. This confusion about bees is the reason we recommend that we are contacted here at Bob Gunn Termite Solutions before taking action that may make the situation worse.