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Backyard Hens: A Growing Interest

There is nothing like an egg freshly harvested from your own hens. You know what they fed upon and when, and you obviously care about the health of the chickens supplying your eggs. Otherwise, you would not have your own.

The bonus is that they will consume your kitchen scraps so it is a win-win situation. They reduce the amount of garbage waste and, at the same time, provide you with food.

Even a small property is allowed to have a few chickens without attracting any problems with the local council or your neighbours, provided you don’t include a rooster in their midst.

We at Bob Gunn Termite Solutions have put together some information for you to digest and be aware of.

Beware of Lice and Mites

These tiny little pests can wreak havoc with your flock no matter how careful you are.

When it comes to mites, there are many ways your chickens will attract these bloodsucking creatures. They may come into contact with wild birds that are carrying them when visiting your property.

They may even be carried into the coop by rodents that sneak in after dark to see what leftover food and grain may be there for the taking.

An infestation of this kind can cause pale combs and wattles, anaemia and a reduction in egg laying. In extreme infections, they will get under the scales of their legs creating swelling and pain. They can even be life threatening, especially in the young.

Mites can live on the animal or hide in crevices in the coop and usually only become active after the sun has gone down.

Lice, on the other hand, do not feed on the blood of their host, but rather feed on the dead skin. Their chewing mouths can cause discomfort of the skin tissue, which movement or eating can exacerbate.

This could lead to a loss of appetite, weakness and obviously a reduction in egg production.

The Home Invasion

Whilst there are mites and lice that will only feed on chickens and therefore do not feed on humans or other domestic animals, chickens are still capable of attracting and transporting common mites and lice.

If you have a coop, ensure you do not allow the chickens near, or in your home or in the gardens surrounding your home.

Also, whilst it is another bonus to have chicken manure-filled straw from the coop for your garden, it is wise to only place it in areas that will have absolutely no chance of migration into your home. Also, wear protective clothing.