Are Birds Taking Over Your Home or Work?

Birds are wonderful animals and are usually a welcome presence in our community. However, when birds decide to make one particular place their home, they can quickly turn into a nightmare.

Are you having to deal with constant noise? Bird droppings and feathers making a mess?

It’s never necessary to exterminate birds no matter how annoying they can become, and moving them is usually not an option as they will just come straight back. So what do you do?

Let BOB GUNN TERMITE SOLUTIONS take care of your bird problem!

We have products that once installed can drastically reduce or even make it impossible for birds to rest in certain areas.

Enquire about our bird resistant products NOW!

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What Bob Gunn Does to Help You:
  • Rid birds from your home or business
  • Reduce risk of damage to your property
  • Sleep easier with less noise and no bird mess to clean up
  • Reduce the amount of clean up work within your workplace
Our Process:
  • Conduct a thorough inspection on your property
  • Our qualified technicians will give a recommendation that meets environment requirements and will effectively solve the situation
  • You (the owner) can choose which treatment to go ahead with
  • Our technicians will install the bird control and continue to do maintenance checks

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