termites in action Treatment Redlands Brisbane, QLD

Altis Reticulation System Beats Infestations

Termites are a constant source of concern to building owners in Australia due to their aggressive expansion and ability to conceal their presence until considerable damage has already been done.

Over the years, there have been many products developed to eradicate termites. While some have been successful to a degree, they have all come with application and environmental issues and considerable disruption to the occupants of the buildings.

At Bob Gunn Termite Solutions, we are always looking for improvements to our service delivery to our customers and this includes the products we use. We pride ourselves on our expertise and knowledge of the life cycle and habitat of these invasive little creatures, as we believe that the more we know about them, the better we can protect our customers.

It is this knowledge that makes us confident in the ability of the Altis reticulation system we use to rid buildings of infestations. With proper maintenance the likelihood of re-infesting is almost negligible.

Traditional Methods Have Their Problems

There are significant differences between traditional methods such as baiting, spraying and reticulation. All these methods use chemicals that kill the invaders but reticulation is the winner in effectiveness and longevity.

Baiting relies on an advance party ingesting the bait and taking it back to the colony, which could be hit and miss at best. Spraying can drift over other areas and it can cause health and environmental problems.

Reticulation Systems Unobtrusive and Effective

By contrast, the Altis reticulation system we use can be quickly installed by one of our expert installers before construction, under the slab. It uses a perforated plastic sheet of builders’ membrane that ensures an even distribution of the required chemical over the whole length of the system.

Once installed, this chemical is pumped through pipes and released at controlled points, covering the entire area. The pipes are flat so they do not protrude into the concrete and spoil the appearance of the floor.

There are as few as two pump-up locations required and they can be re-injected periodically as needed. This allows re-treating to take advantage of any advances in the future development of termiticides.

CodeMark Certification Recognises a Quality Product

When installed as part of a new construction, a whole of home protection for the life of the building is achievable provided the right maintenance is conducted. The system can also be installed as an effective barrier in existing buildings.

There is no expensive and messy drilling into existing brickwork. The Altis reticulation system is CodeMark-certified.

Regular checks by invaluable building inspectors and quick and easy re-injections of chemicals when needed will keep buildings infestation-free for a long time.