Pest prevention tips for autumn

As the weather gets cooler and we all begin to favour being rugged up inside in the warmth and comfort of our homes, pests feel the need to do the same thing. In particular, rats and mice. These creatures will seek out the warmth and shelter from the outside elements as well as easily accessible food and water.

Your home is the perfect place for rodents. They will make nests in your roofing insulation and just about anywhere where they can gain access to. So…

…what can you do to reduce the chance of rodents in your home?

1. Reduce access to food. Pests need food to survive and often rely on you leaving food or scraps in easily accessible places. Make sure that you seal food in airtight plastic or glass containers that rodents cannot gnaw through. Take scraps and rubbish out to the garbage bin daily so they don’t have a chance to get into them.
2. Reduce excess water. As with food, they need water to survive and, if they can’t get it in your home, they will go and find it elsewhere. Clean up any water you may have laying around outside your home and dry your sinks and bathtubs after use.
3. Rodents can be stopped by keeping trees away from roofs and gutters.
4. Check for broken roof tiles as they can be access points.
5. Protect gutters, pipes and weep holes with rodent resistant mesh.
6. Take advantage of preventative pest control treatments before it starts getting cooler.

Cockroaches are also another common pest in autumn. You may think that they will slow down in cooler weather, but cockroaches breed just as fast as in the summer months, German cockroaches especially.
Spiders, ants and cockroaches aren’t as easy to deter as rodents. They can gain access to your home in almost any way possible.

The best protection against these creepy crawlies is to get an annual spray on your home to keep them at bay. If you can already hear or see faecal evidence that you have rodents, call Bob Gunn Termite Solutions as we have the right treatment for you.