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  • Do You Have a Problem With Pests?

    Unseen invaders could be scurrying through your cupboards, hiding behind kitchen appliances while waiting for “lights out.” Have you come across tell-tale signs of their presence but are clueless about what they are and what to do? If you’re looking for a sure way out of your pest situation, then it’s time to stop taking wild guesses and applying over-the-counter products on your own.

    Bob Gunn Termite Solutions is your saving grace. A premier pest control company in Brisbane, we have been servicing residential and commercial clients for more than 25 years. Our services are available in all suburbs of the following areas:

    • Brisbane
    • Gold Coast
    • Logan
    • Ipswich
    • Sunshine Coast
    • Redlands

  • Pest Identification

    Don’t know what pest you’re dealing with? Send us a photo. One of our licensed and qualified pest control technicians will identify it for you and inform you about the necessary steps to be taken, including the pest treatment you need.

    We don’t believe in guesswork. That’s why our technicians have a proven process that starts with identifying exactly what type of pests are taking over your property. Only then will our team in Brisbane recommend a pest management solution that’s appropriate for your individual situation and environment.

  • Residential Pest Control

    If you’ve ever reached into the back of a cupboard for that beautiful dress from last season, only to find it eaten through with holes, you know the damage that insects can cause without your knowledge. Take advantage of our residential pest control services before it’s too late!

    We offer foolproof pest treatments that provide protection to homes, as well as a range of pest management solutions for the eradication of cockroaches, rodents, bed bugs, silverfish, mosquitoes, ants and more. Bird control and termite control also belong to our long list of specialties.

  • Commercial Pest Control

    Clubs, hotels and restaurants have a reputation to protect and food safety regulations to satisfy. Similarly, child care centres and nursing homes have vulnerable clients to care for. These facilities along with factories, offices and schools all need protection from different kinds of pests. With the size of the task and the risk factors involved, a professional pest management approach is needed. This is where we come in with our top-notch commercial pest control services.

  • Pre-Construction Termite Control & Protection

    Most new homes or house extensions are built on the ground on concrete slabs. That is why termite prevention before building commences is absolutely essential as the first line of defence against these tenacious pests.

    Don’t wait until your property requires termite control. As early as pre-construction, we can install termite barriers and reticulation systems as preventative termite treatment for your residential or commercial building. Long-term protection is ensured by performing thorough termite inspections regularly.

  • Building and Pest Inspections

    Building and pest inspections are performed for many reasons with the most common inspections done before a property sale or purchase. Whilst mortgagees request pre-purchase inspections to protect their investment, sellers request pre-sale building and pest inspections to assure prospective buyers that their desired property has no hidden surprises.

    Whatever your circumstances are, we have the experience, training and technical skills to identify and apply the solution that’s best for you. Our work is guaranteed so you can be confident that whatever your problem is, we will solve it!

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They're called the Mycocepurus smithii, and all the members of the colony are clones of the queen.

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