Coackroach = Asthma

Cockroaches & Asthma

Nobody likes a cockroach. They are creepy, sneaky, dirty, and have way too many legs. We all wish we didn’t have to come across them scuttling away when we turn the kitchen lights on but we also know that they are a fact of life that are sometimes very hard to get rid of. They can bring dirt and disease into our home so we do our best to keep them away. Did you also know that cockroaches can be a cause or trigger for Asthma sufferers?

There has been numerous studies conducted on the correlation between asthma and cockroaches which shows that some asthma sufferers are susceptible to a reaction from breathing in the excrement & dust from decaying cockroaches.

An asthma attack can be triggered by non-allergic factors such as exercise or the cold, and others are due to an allergic reaction in the bronchial tube caused by things such as cat dander or pollen. Some asthmatics can also have an allergic reaction to cockroaches.
German cockroaches are one of the most common to cause the reaction and are also the most common cockroach to infest a home.

If you are someone with Asthma or you have an asthmatic child you should get your home checked and treated for cockroaches regularly to make sure your family is safe. Sometimes by the time you see one or two there is already a problem and the longer you leave it the harder it becomes to eradicate the infestation.

Bob Gunn can help! We can assist residential customers with Pest management solutions tailored to your individual requirements. Gain some peace of mind with our 12 month warranty on cockroach treatments. We can also help rid your home of a multitude of pests including Black ants, cockroaches, spiders, silver fish, moths, Termites, mice, rats, wasps and bees. Call now and speak to one of our friendly office staff for an appointment.

DIY Pest Control – is it really working for your home?

How much are you spending on DIY pest treatments? Are the bugs not going away?

Have you fallen for the advertising traps of off the shelf pest control treatments? Just because they say it’s the same or just as good as professional grade treatments, does not mean it’s true.

Why? Well let’s look at a few of the reasons.

The products that you are buying off the shelf at your local Woolies or Coles are NOT professional grade chemicals and pesticides that are available to qualified technicians. They also do not contain binding agents that make them a residual pesticide, ensuring that it won’t wash away or wear off in a few weeks.
Besides the fact that the products are not the same, the application process will not be the same. Our qualified technicians have been trained and have experience in how to apply these pest treatments correctly and in the places that need it the most. Read more


This year Bob Gunn Termite Solutions was awarded the Specialist Category Award in the 2016 Pest Manager of the Year Awards announced by AEPMA at the Gala Dinner of FAOPMA 2016

The Pest Manager of the Year Awards (sponsored by BASF) are held every year and are a great promotion for the pest management industry to the public and other stakeholders as well as encouraging learning and increased professionalism within the pest management industry.

This category was open to businesses both large and small where a business claims strong expertise in the treatment of a single pest. We are very grateful to have been selected for this category in which we were recognised for our expertise as Termite Specialists.

We will continue to provide our customers with our expertise and knowledge in the treatment of termites and other pests and look forward to reaching more goals for our company next year.
Well done to our entire team of technicians, office staff and our manager Shane for the outstanding work they perform within our industry.

Thanks to AEPMA for their support of the Pest Management Industry in Australia.

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Spring Pests

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Building Inspectors – do you have a trustworthy Pest Inspector!

Do you get asked for a pest inspection whilst doing a building inspection?

If you would like a trustworthy Pest Control Company that you can recommend for Building Pest Inspections than you should contact Bob Gunn today!

Bob Gunn Termite Solutions has the experience, training and technical skills to identify and apply the pest control solutions necessary for the clients property.

Let BOB GUNN take care of the pest inspection whilst you complete the building inspection.

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Are Termites Active in Winter?

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